Sunday, June 14, 2020

Day 59

Day 59

We made it!!  Today is the last day…and noon dismissal.
I am SO proud of all of you! 

Morning Motivation…..I have two for you today

and…here’s to hoping that sooner, rather than later, we feel like this:

ok….here’s a bonus one…some things never change…like your strong friendships and our wonderful school community and God’s love for you, and how much I miss you…and when I see you again, you will be older, wiser and taller!!!

Morning Work:  You know the drill….write about your weekend!   We will share at Zoom

9:30 Our final zoom

11:00 Prayer service 

12:00 SUMMER!

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Day 58

Day 58!!!!

Happy Friday my friends!!!!
I cannot believe it’s the second to last day of school already!!

Morning Motivation:

Morning Work:  Father’s Day craft!  Let’s finish up the craft we are doing for Dad!  I sent you the final page.  Please complete sentences 6-10, cut them out and glue them to another piece of construction paper.  Then, on a piece of paper, write a letter to dad ( much like you did for mom) and glue that to construction paper.  Then staple the entire thing together and save it for NEXT Sunday ( June 21) to give to your dad!

9:30 Zoom– We will read two books (Mrs. Potter is whipping out her own personal favorites to share with you!)  You will do a fun craft with one of the books.  Both books are about having a bad day….Have you ever had a bad day?  Think about it…what happened that made it bad?  Could you do anything to improve your day?  You can share during Zoom if you want to!  After reading we will do the 10s times tables and then some flash card freeze dance!  This Zoom will probably be a good 45 minutes ( for parents….planning purposes)

Writing:  Work on the ice cream craft….I will post them to the blog…TEXT me an individual picture. 
Here’s the directions:
Cut out the bowl.  If possible glue to construction paper  vertically.
Then write ways to have a GOOD day on the scoops.  Color them in and glue them in the bowl to make a Sundae.  You can use as many scoops as you like.
Color them nicely!!! Have fun

Spanish:  Check the blog

Religion:  Chapter 26 We Show Love and Respect Please read and complete pages 296-299

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Day 57

Day 57

HALF Day today!!

Today’s Game Plan:

Zoom at 10 am for Reading AND Math

Morning Motivation:  

Morning Work:  Grammar today!  Let’s think about root words.  Yesterday we did suffixes.  The video you watched also discussed root words.  Today you will do work with root words.  Please complete pages 176-177 in your grammar book.

Reading:  Add one more thing to your Animal Report.  Here’s what the final report should have:

Two paragraphs
Two of the following: glossary, map, diagram, or another feature of non fiction ( bold text might be a good one)

** If you have all of that staple it together and you are done.  If you have extra time you could either add another feature from the list above, or write a third paragraph with new facts- but that is optional

10:00 Zoom for Math and Reading– we will share our reports and then do freeze dance math facts

Computers– check blog

Father’s Day Activity:  I am sending you a Father’s Day activity.  Here’s how you put it together.  Color/decorate and write your name on the cover page.  Then either draw or paste a picture of you and your dad. Then glue or staple this to a piece of construction paper. (  In school, we would use large construction paper and make a card by folding it in half. The cover would be the cover page and then we would cut out the strips/sentences 1-10 and glue them inside the card.  I doubt most of you have large construction paper, so just use regular construction paper and make more of a book) Next, complete sentences 1-5 for “Reasons you’re a great dad”  This is the second page of your card/book.  Cut them out and glue them to the second page of your book.

Religion:  Complete Chapter 25.  Please read and complete pages 292-294  You do NOT have to do the “take Home” section.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Day 56

Day 56

Here’s the game plans:

9:30 Zoom for Reading
11:30 Zoom with Mrs. Quigley/Math Facts

Morning Motivation:  Do the penguin polka!!

Gym:  Check the gym blog

Morning Work:  Math today! Let’s practice our multiplication. Do page 162 in your skinny math book.

Reading and Writing :  Today we will continue to work on our animal projects.  I want you to add some nonfiction elements to your writing.   Think about what you can add.  You can add any of the following:  a labeled diagram of your animal, a map of where your animal lives, a glossary with a few words you used ( mammal, reptile, herd, tusks, mane, - these are some examples of words you might use)

This is a video about reading nonfiction – but you can use it to help you write nonfiction too:

During our Zoom we will share the covers of our projects.  We will also share what nonfiction you added/will add.  You MAY use photographs to help you ( print a map of China for example)  

We will Zoom at 11:30.  Mrs. Quigley will be there to chat about third grade!  Afterwards, be ready for math facts freeze dance!

Religion:  We will continue in Chapter 25 – Honoring Mary and the Saints.  Please read and complete pages 288 – 291.

Grammar:  Yesterday we worked on Prefixes.  Today we will do Suffixes – they come at the END of a word.  Here’s a brainpopjr video for you:

Then complete pages 173-175 in your grammar book

Day 55

Day 55

Happy Tuesday!!!!

Here’s the game plan for today:

8:55 zoom with First grade – we will Zoom with first grade, be ready to tell them about your favorite things about second grade – this zoom is optional
9:30 Reading and Writing Zoom – please have your animal facts ready
11:30 Math Zoom

Morning Motivation:  Here you go, my favorite from Lion King!

Morning Work:  Grammar today!  We are learning about prefixes today,  Watch this first.

Please complete pages 170-172 in grammar book.

8:55 Optional Zoom with first gradeJ

Reading and Writing:  Today we will do two things.  During the Zoom meeting (9:30), we will share all of our facts one by one.   I will also share mine.  When we finish., you will use your work from yesterday to write at least two paragraphs about your animal.  I will give the specific instructions during Zoom

Math:  Zoom at 11:30.  Please be ready to play multiplication musical chairs.  Then you will  need your fat math book.

Art:  Check the blog

Religion:  We are going back to our regular religion book.  We will be on Chapter 25 We Honor Mary and the Saints.  Please read and complete pages 284 – 287

Science:  Scholastic News –“The Volcano that Never Stopped”  Please read the article and then go to the website and watch the “Wild Weather” video

Then complete the pages I sent you to go with this 

** Have your seeds sprouted? Go observe them. Let me know (just a sentence or two on paper) have they sprouted yet?  What does the pant look like?

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Day 54

Day 54

Happy Monday my friends!!!!
I have some really fun things planned for our last week together!!  Today is going to be a blast!!!

Morning Work:  You know the drill!  Tell me about your weekend.  Write at least 5 complete sentences and draw a picture to match your words.

Reading and Writing:  We will Zoom at 9:30.  Before we zoom, I want you to go to this website:

Now, there are SOOOOOO many options here.  You can take the virtual tour, which I suggest.  But you can also look animals up individually – there are about a hundred or more animals. They have information on all animals and on their animals.  You can also go to the webcams ( holy moly there’s baby cheetahs!!!)  There are also recorded videos of some of the animals- including the baby cheetahs.  We are going to use this site, in conjunction with getepic, for a couple of days. Today, before we zoom go on the website and just explore it.  Try to watch some of the webcams.  Read a little about an animal or two.  Be ready to talk about what you saw and read.

Parents:  To get to the virtual tour, go to the home page (link above)  Click on visit.  Click on tours.  Click on English ( lol )  When you get to the introduction page, go to the three little lines in the left corner – that’s the menu)  you can pick animals one at a time…the page loads as you read, so first there’s a picture then some info, then a new picture with the parts labeled- it’s really cool)

PLEASE do not start the worksheet before we Zoom. I want everyone to have a different animal.  So, some people may have to change the animal they talk about in the zoom.  Also, please choose an animal that is different from the one you picked when we worked on animals in March. (So if you already did panda, don’t do panda again, etc.)

After we Zoom, you are going to:

·     Pick an animal
·     Read the “fact sheet” page
·     If you choose an animal that is in the virtual tour or has a webcam ( and I would prefer you do so, but am not requiring) read that page/watch the cam
·     Go on epic and read a book about that animal –I will put some books in your mailbox, but you can read any you find – all of the animals on the tour/webcams have books on epic EXCEPT the naked role mole-rat

Complete the page of questions I sent.

I am giving you extra time to do this.  There is no spelling this week, so please take your time and really check out the website.  It’s so cool.

Music:  Go to the blog

11:30 – Math Zoom– We are going to start with math facts. But we are playing a game!!!  You will need one of the following : if you have a blackboard, white board or even one of those etch a sketch boards, that will work.  If not have some paper (small like the size of an index card) ready – you’ll need about 15 pieces.  We will be playing musical chairs math facts!! J
Have your 5 x table flashcards cut and ready
Have your fat math book and a pencil.

Religion:  We will finish the Family Life book today!  Please complete the reviews on pages 57 – 60.  Then read the summary on page 61.  YAY you did it!!!!!  Family Life is complete!

Science:  Go back to the Smithsonian  Zoo . Complete the scavenger hunt  form I sent you – find animals that meet the requirement – you only have to find one animal for each box – write the name of the animal and draw a picture of it.  Have fun!!!!

Day 53

Day 53

TGIF my friends J

Game plan:

Zoom at 9:30 – we will do reading and we will compare the two versions of Charlotte’s Web.  How are they the same?  How are they different?
11:00 Mass – I sent the link

Morning Motivation: Make a pattern!

Morning Work:  Religion today.  We will continue in Family Life- please read and complete pages 53-56

Math:  Please practice your math fact flash cards.  When you finish, please do the math/ multiplication worksheet I sent.

9:30 Zoom for Reading and Writing– have the Venn Diagram ready – we will do it together

Charlottes Web Work: I am sending along some “extra” Charlotte’s Web work.  It includes art crafts for Wilbur and Charlotte, a word search and roman numeral work.  You do not have to do them all – but I ask that you choose at least one.  If you want to do the crafts and don’t have colored paper, just use white paper and color it in.  Have fun J  You can carry this into the weekend if you prefer.

11:00 Mass– please join via Zoom

Have a great weekend!!