Monday, September 28, 2015

Good Morning!

The homework this week will be slightly different.  The students will have spelling words.  They will write them two times each - in addition to the one time they wrote them at school.  They will not have to use them in sentences.  They will get a math sheet each night.  If you find hat the reading log is too much this week, with the writing journal, then you do not have to do it every night.

Each child will bring home Flat Stanley on Monday.  Along with Stanley, they will bring a journal.  Each day, your child should do something special with Stanley and then write about it in the journal.  Here are some examples of what they can do together - go to a game/practice, read a book, watch a TV show, or sit together at breakfast or dinner.  Your child should write at least two sentences about what he/she did with Stanley.  I hope that you and your child will enjoy this activity! Stanley can come back to school NEXT MONDAY. 

I am hoping that Stanleys will begin to arrive this week from all over the country!  Remember if you have someone we can mail him to, just email me or send me a note!


Spelling - Write the first 8 spelling words 2 times each.

Math worksheet page 7

Flat Stanley Journal