Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Spelling- write sentences for last 7 word, go on

Math- test tomorrow on chapter 3
Math Chapter 3 Review

~pictographs- students have to remember to check the "key" because often the symbol used in the graph stands for more than one
~tally marks
~Circle graphs- how to read them- what part is the most/least
~range- in a series of number the largest number minus the smallest- example: 2,3,4,5,6- the range is 6-2- so the range is 4
~Venn Diagrams- two overlapping circles comparing/contrasting two groups- in the center where they overlay is where the two groups are the same
~Mode- the number that comes most often in a series of numbers- example- 2,3,4,5,5,6- 5 is the mode
~Median- the number in the middle in a series of numbers- 3,4,5,6,7- the median is 5
~how to read/make a bar graph

We have reviewed this material every day this week, so the students should know most of it well. Please just review.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Go on


Spelling- write your words three times each

Grammar- page 72

Math - page 39, Chapter 3 test Thursday
Welcome back!!

Welcome back to school.  I hope everyone had a great vacation and holiday.

We are about to start 4 full weeks of school heading into the Christmas holiday.

A few reminders to begin with-

~There is a First Penance meeting tonight at 7:30 pm in the Lower Church
~Friday, December 2 is a half day- noon dismissal
~I will send the December book orders next week.  If you wish to place an order as a gift, just let me know and I will make sure you get the order without your child knowing about it.

This week we will continue our study of nonfiction literature in reading.  The name of the piece we are reading is "If You Find A Rock."  The vocabulary words are chain, trace, fossil, print and outstretched.  The word "print" as defined -"a mark made by pressing."  The new spelling words will have the long a sound.  In grammar we will discuss the three different types of sentences (questions, statements and exclamations) and which end mark is used to complete each type of sentence.

In math we will be finishing up chapter three and we will have the test on this chapter on Thursday.  Please review the following concepts with your child to help prepare him or her for the test:  pictographs, tally marks, circle graphs, bar graphs, line plots and Venn Diagrams.  Also students need to know mode (the number which occurs most in a sequence,) median (the number which occurs in the middle of a sequence of numbers) and range (the difference between the last and the first number in a sequence.)
For example:  2,2,4,7,9
the mode is 2 (because it occurs twice)
the median is 4 (because it is the middle)
the range is 7 because 9-2=7

This month in Social Studies we will be discussing Christmas traditions around the world.  We will start this week with Italy and hope to get to Australia as well.  In addition, Flat Stanleys continue to come in!!!  Lately we have received Canada (thanks to Nick), New Hampshire, New York (thanks Jack), North Carolina, New Jersey (thanks Antonio) and Iowa, Washington, New Jersey and Belgium (thanks Kady!!)

In religion we will discuss Advent and the church calendar.  We will talk about the Advent wreath.  In addition, we will continue in Chapter 8 discussing the Old and New Testaments.

Here's to another great week in second grade!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The First Penance meeting for parents is Monday, November 28- in the lower church at 7:30pm

Good Morning

I would like to take the time to wish everyone a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.  I hope you enjoy the long weekend :)

Looking forward.....Santa's Workshop is the week of December 5
Here is the schedule for our class-

Group 1- Wednesday, December 6


Group 2- Thursday, December 7


Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Grammar - pg 40
Math - pg 38- There will be a math test at the end of next week

Noon Dismissal tomorrow- no aftercare

Monday, November 21, 2016


There is no spelling this week

Math - page 37

Grammar- sentence structure worksheet page 38

Prayer service tomorrow at 1:30- all are welcome

Go on

Wednesday- noon dismissal- no aftercare

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Fairy Tale Celebration


Spelling- Write words 2 times each, test tomorrow

I hope everyone enjoyed the fairy tales as much as I did!  Thank you so much for coming today- the students were so proud of their work.
Pictures coming soon!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Spelling - Write sentences for the last 7 words
Math - page 36

Go on

Tag Day Tomorrow $2
Publishing Party Tomorrow! 8:20 am - can't wait to share our stories!
Book orders- last call- due tomorrow

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Spelling - write sentences for the first 8 words

Math- page 35

Reading "A Good Deed at the Beach"


Tag Day Thursday $2

Publishing Party Thursday 8:20 am - space is limited so no younger siblings please

Girl Scout Meeting Friday after school - parents please come at 3:50 for a brief meeting afterwards

Tonight's PTO Meeting is CANCELLED is working again (I had to renew membership) please get back on :) The new words are listed.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Welcome to the only full week of November!!

We have been so busy- it is actually hard to explain how busy we have been!

Once upon a time, an amazing class of second graders wrote some AMAZING fairy tales!!  The students have written the most wonderful stories and they are just so excited to share them with you.  They are so proud of their work- and they should be, they really worked hard and the hard work paid off.  I hope that you can all make it to our publishing party on Thursday at 8:20 am.

Today, as you have seen by now, we finally got to our pumpkin carving, scraping, pulp pulling and painting.  As you can see from the pictures I posted on the blog, so far we have pulled out the seeds, weighed the pumpkins, counted the ribs and measured them in both height and width.  This week we will continue to discuss the life cycle of a pumpkin, the ways pumpkins are used and what life is like at the pumpkin farm.  Our pumpkin investigators will be pumpkin experts by Thanksgiving!!

For the upcoming week and a half we will discuss Thanksgiving in both Social Studies and Religion. In Social Studies, we will learn about the hardships the Pilgrims faced coming here from so far with so little and how the Native Americans and Squanto befriended them and help them learn about the land and how to survive.

In Religion, we will talk about how very fortunate we are and much we have to be thankful for.  We will also continue in our religion books by talking about Ordinary Time coming to an end and Advent starting in a couple weeks.  In addition we will start to discuss how the bible is broken into the Old and New Testaments.

The third chapter of the math book focuses on graphs, charts, collecting data, line plots and Venn Diagrams.  I have found that one of the trickiest parts of this chapter is reminding students to look for the key to see how much the symbol used in the chart represents.  Often, students assume that the pictures in a pictograph or chart represent "one" but that's not always the case, so please review this with them when it comes home in the homework- tomorrow :)

We have started Unit 2 in reading.  Unit two focuses on nonfiction reading.  Nonfiction reading is traditionally more difficult to read than fiction because it does not follow the same expected sequence of a fictional story.  Also, the reader is reading to gain information, not just for entertainment which is often the case in fictional reading.  I encourage everyone to read some nonfiction books at home (books about animals are perfect for this age and they can choose animals they like which will help hold their interest.)  When you read with your child, or if he/she reads independently, ask them what they learned- they should finish reading the book having gained two or three new pieces of information.  This week, and throughout the unit, we will talk about features of nonfiction books such as- photographs, diagrams, labels, captions, glossary, index, table of contents and more.  When your child reads nonfiction at home, ask them if their nonfiction books have any of these features.  We will discuss that these features are put in the book by the author, for a purpose- and that the purpose is usually to provide extra information, and so we shouldn't ignore them.  The story we are reading this week (and next) is "Ants!" and so we will discuss insects as well this week. The vocabulary words are : insects, cocoon, tunnels, enemies and invade.  In grammar we will discuss complete and incomplete sentences.

As you can see, we are very busy learning here!

A few reminders-

1- For the girls who are doing Girl Scouts, the first meeting will be this Friday.  We are asking that parents show up at 3:50 for a brief meeting before the end of the first troop meeting.

2- Tag Day is Thursday

3 - Please send in cans of pumpkin

4- Publishing Party Thursday 8:20am

5- Book orders due Wednesday

6 - Next Wednesday is a half day- there is no aftercare

7- Flat Stanley- we could still use a lot of states for Stanley.  I must thank the parents who have sent him in - Sabrina and Jack- thank you....and well Kady (or Nurse Kelly) gets a huge shout out for sending in so many states, I have lost count.  Thank you and please keep them coming!!!
Good Afternoon


Spelling- write words three times each
Math pages 33 and 34


Book orders due Wednesday (in hopes we get them back before Thanksgiving) Also, if you wish to order from the book order for Christmas, let me know and i will get the books to you without your child knowing :)

Please bring in cans of pumpkin for the food drive by tomorrow

Tag Day Thursday $2

All parents are invited to our Fairy Tale Publishing Party on Thursday at 8:20 am :)I hope to see you all there, the children have worked so hard!