Monday, February 22, 2016

Good Afternoon :) 
I hope everyone enjoyed a restful break!


Spelling - Write your words three times each

Math - Worksheet pages 73 and 74

*** This week we will start "minute math."  On Mondays students will take a pretest of basic math facts.  They will be timed for one minute.  Please practice these facts during the week with your child.  On Friday, they will retake the quiz - again timed for one minute - but the facts are in a different order.  The goal is to complete the problems correctly within one minute.  If they complete it, they will move on to a new and more difficult quiz the following week.  

Reading Log

**First Communion Meeting tonight - 7:30 - LOWER CHURCH

Spelling Words:  moment, radio, united, dial, continue, number, cancel, begin, person, it's, can't, hasn't, we'll, I'm, isn't