Friday, September 30, 2016

The third complete week of second grade was another success!

We were very, very busy this week!!

We have just about completed Chapter 1 in math.  We will finish the chapter up on Monday which involves addition and subtraction word problems.  We will spend Tuesday and Wednesday reviewing the chapter and will have the first math test on Thursday.  I will send home a study guide/review sheet so you can help your child prepare for the test.  If you wish to get a head start, the major lessons of the unit were addition and subtraction- with a focus on making ten, doubles facts, fact families, patterns in facts and finding the missing number.  Looking forward- Chapter 2 will begin the following week, with place value.

In religion we completed chapter 2 which focused on the apostles and disciples and our learning to follow Jesus as a disciple.  We will begin chapter 3 Monday.  Chapter 3 focuses on the church as a community in which we all belong.  It also begins to discuss the sacraments-and for the second graders who will receive Communion and Penance this year, this is an important introduction to these two sacraments.

In science we continued our study of matter :) We had so much fun doing our experiment on Wednesday and we learned a lot about solids, liquids and gasses too!  Did you know that a solid (heavier) object will fall much faster than a gas?  This was one of our biggest discoveries.  I will say the students sure enjoyed when Mrs. Dennehy and I dropped the "liquid" balloons (i.e.- water balloons) I think they may have been hoping we would get soaked!  Today we also talked about how trees change throughout the year, specifically in the fall! We will continue to study matter next week!

In reading, we finished the first story in our text - "Because of You."  A truly great little story about how the world was made better the day you were born, because you made it a better place.  We focused on new vocabulary words - kind, share, precious, care and feelings.  In spelling we focused on long a and long i.  We read two decodable books with the long vowel sounds and we completed all the spelling pages in our skills books!!!  We also talked about nouns -so many nouns....common nouns and proper nouns!  Next week we will continue our reading unit on kindness.  Our reading selection from our text is about being kind to the Earth.  We will have spelling words with the long o and u sounds and we will discuss verbs.

Next week in social studies, we will discuss Christopher Columbus and his discovery of America.

I would like to add, that if you haven't seen the pictures from earlier this week, we are also in the business of "bucket filling," here in second grade.  I am encouraging the students to consider their actions in advance, and to think "Am I filling a bucket doing this?" before acting.  The class is really doing so well with this.  They all wrote their own explanation of bucket filling this week and I have posted them in the hallway for everyone to see.  They did such a great job!!

I know that on Back To School Night a few parents asked me to compile a list of websites for the students to use at home.  I have not forgotten about this!!  I am working diligently at making that list and hope to have it completed within a week.  Thank you for your patience!

I would like to thank everyone for the kind food donations, we collected a lot of food.  Looking forward to next week- if you wish to join girl scouts and have not yet sent in the form please do so by orders will go home on Monday and are due Friday...Friday 10/7 is a half day, there will be a mass at 10:30- all families are invited to join the school at mass....Monday, October 10 is Columbus Day, there is NO SCHOOL.....the summer uniform is no longer allowed after October 11.....

I told you we were busy this week!  I hope you all have a great and relaxing weekend :)  And I will finish with this- it's a most important weekend for my NY LET's GO METS :)  Have a great weekend!

Red Leaf Yellow Leaf

Today we read "Red Leaf Yellow Leaf" by Lois Elhert with Prek 4! Then we made beautiful fall trees together!