Monday, October 3, 2016

Parents- Reminder, tomorrow is the last day for Girl Scouts registrations
Hello -

Please check your child's folder today.  It is full of many important papers.  There is letter explaining our Flat Stanley Project.  If you know anyone who would be willing to complete a Flat Stanley for us (from any state or country other than NJ) please give them Stanley.  If you need more Stanleys, please let me know....I can send more home, email them to you or your family/friend or even put them in the mail if you provide the address. Our hope is to get many Stanley's back as possible.  The students really love when Stanley arrives from someone they know.  Last year we got tons of Stanleys and we also got pictures of him from all over the world.  People sent us all sorts of information about their states and treats including stickers, pencils, pens etc.  It is such a fun learning experience.

In addition, in the folder you will find the requested list of websites.  You will also see the information.  Please log on tonight- or at least this week- and let your child play the games to go with this week's spelling words.  Each student was able to log into his or her account today and completed one game.  I would love any feedback you have on this- as it is my first time trying this website.

Book orders are due October 7, 2016- Friday.


Spelling- write each word three times

Math- page 12

Reading - :The Mole Zone"