Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thank you to Kady and her family- heres Stanley in Sudan- courtesy of her uncle!! How awesome!

Spelling - write your words 2 times each, test tomorrow

Math- page 24

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*** All students are getting a notice today to please bring in a pumpkin next week.  Next week we will be doing our pumpkin investigations.  We will be pumpkin experts come Friday!  We will do science experiments, like sink/float, and tons of math activities including circumference and weight lessons.  Please do not send a huge pumpkin- something in the small to medium range would be best.  Also, please do not send the "mini" pumpkins either, as we will be opening them up and pulling out the pulp and seeds :)  Kindly, write your child's name on the bottom of the pumpkin in permanent marker so we know which pumpkin belongs with which child!  The week of pumpkin lessons is always very fun and full of discovery!

***Beginning next week, be on the look out for a third homework assignment.  It will be either grammar related or science/social studies.  Expect that it will either be a worksheet or something to be completed in the homework notebook (example- write a list of 5 proper nouns.)


Tomorrow- book fair for students who go to library on Fridays.

Monday- regular library class, remember to bring back your books

No school October 27

Class pictures on October 25