Friday, October 21, 2016

We finished another wonderful week in second grade!

Looking forward to next week.....

Next week the story in our reader is "Corduroy."  This story is always a favorite!  We will learn about making inferences when reading as a comprehension skill.  We will also continue to practice sequencing.  We are going to do some lessons on when to use capitalization and how to use a dictionary/glossary.  The vocabulary words for next week are : escalator, fastened, yanked, palace and dashing.  Our spelling words will focus on "kn" and "ph" sounds.

In the last two weeks we have been reading fairy tales. Next week......we are going to write our very own!!!  Each child will choose a mentor text (a fairy tale to use as a model) and will write his or her own story.  This is going to take some time but the results, I promise, will be amazing.  When we finish writing our stories- we will be publishing them in actual books and Mrs. Dennehy will be helping us to illustrate the books and covers.  I will send a note next week, but as a heads up, I will be asking each child to send in $5 to cover the cost of the blank books I will order.

We are wrapping up chapter two in math on Monday and Tuesday.  We will have the chapter 2 test on Friday.  Should you wish to begin to review with your child the basic concepts that we covered are - place value, writing in expanded form (example 47 in expanded form is 40+7), putting numbers in order from smallest to greatest and greatest to smallest, even and odd, rounding and estimation.

This week in science we talked about force- push and pull.  The students did a great job and learned a lot!  Next week, it's all about pumpkins!!!  We will have lots of lessons in math and science- all hands on!  The pumpkin investigations really provide the opportunity for so much discovery and learning.  In social studies, we will continue to learn about the upcoming election and the candidates. 

In religion we will be finishing Chapter 4 moving on to chapter 5 and continuing in our study of the sacraments.  The focus is on Baptism and Confirmation.


~Halloween- the parade is at 1:15, please fill in the form about whether your child is staying or going home for lunch
~Regular library class next week remember to bring your books
~No school Thursday, October 27
~Class Pictures Tuesday, October 25
~If you have not yet signed up for a conference, please see me to arrange that.  I will send out reminders next week about the day and time you signed up for at Back to School Night
~Please continue to use  If you do not know your user name- email me.  The password for everyone is "Potter"

I hope that everyone had a wonderful week and that you have a great weekend!  Please remember to bring in your "just right" pumpkin on Monday :)