Friday, September 29, 2017

Kevin Henkes Graph

Good Evening!!

WARNING - LONG post :) Bear with me please!

We had an awesome day today!!!  I hope you hear about it, not only from this blog but also from your child.  We had specials this morning.  Group 1 has library on Monday please bring your book.  If you forgot your book today, you can return it Monday.  In reading today we worked on buddy reading and how we read with a buddy.  We not only reread "Kate's Picnic" but also shared our book baggies for the first time with a reading buddy.  If you have not heard about "book baggies" yet, let me explain.  Each student has a canvas blue bag in his or her desk.  The students go "book shopping" once a week.  When they "shop" they pick out 5 books that they can read from designated baskets in my classroom library.  They keep those books, in the baggie, all week.  If they finish an assignment ahead of others- they automatically read their bag of books.  It is a constructive thing to do when you have spare time. So today we practiced reading those books to a buddy.  In math we continued with subtraction.  We worked on finding the missing number in a number sentence (3 + ___=6)  We discussed the various ways to solve this problem - use subtraction, count up, count the number of jumps on your number line.  Quite a few students struggled with this, we will do more next week.  We only have two lessons left in the chapter, so a test is coming....however Friday would be the earliest day for the test.  I definitely want to review a few concepts before the test.  I will let you know early next week the exact date.  Also in math today - though linked with literature- we graphed our favorite Kevin Henkes books.  We discussed how this information was data and we reviewed the results.  I will post a picture of the graph. In grammar we reviewed telling and commanding sentences and took a quiz to see if we understood.  We took our spelling test :) Everyone did well! In religion we talked about the terms faith and worship.  We also read the bible story about when Jesus arrived in Jerusalem the week before his Death and Resurrection.  Next week we will really get into the sacraments.  We will start with a focus on Baptism.  I will be sending home a paper on Monday to be completed with a parent.  The paper is just asking for some basic information about your child's Baptism.  Please complete it together- but have your child do the writing.  I will send it home Monday please return it by Thursday.  I ask that- if possible- please send a photograph of your child on his/her baptism day - it can be the child alone, or a family picture, or with Godparents...any picture.  In the event that your child was not baptized, please email me so that I can adjust the assignment.  This afternoon we had a great (and fun) social studies lesson.  We learned more about Johnny Appleseed and watched a quick video about him on!  Then we charted some facts about him that we knew/remembered from the previous lessons and from today.  After we made the chart the students used it to write some facts about Johnny on an index card and then we created Johnny Appleseed puppets.  They are hanging in our classroom and look fantastic.  I forgot to take pictures today - because we literally worked right up to 2:43 pm ! I will take pictures next week and post them.  I told told you it was an awesome day!

A few small odds and ends...

You will have noticed the test folders went home today.  Please review the work that was sent home, empty the folder, sign and return on Monday.  My advise is to keep the math "quizzes"as they can help you to review for the tests.  I usually send a review sheet for the tests, but these quizzes are also very helpful.

Summer uniforms MAY be worn next week.  The exact date of the switch has not yet been determined, however summer uniforms may be worn next week and REGULAR uniforms must be worn the 10th of October for class picture day.

I will post the spelling words for next week on spelling city by Sunday afternoon- sooner if I can get to it.  We are scheduled to go to the computer lab as a class on Wednesday to use Spelling City.

Have a blessed and wonderful weekend!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Good Afternoon!

Today was another fun day in second grade.  We have started a new reading unit - the theme is Kindness, so all of the books/stories in the unit focus on being kind.  The students got new reading text books and had time to "peruse" them.  We read the book "Kate's Picnic."  Please send that back for tomorrow's lesson. We finished Kevin Henkes and wrote about which books were our favorite.  Tomorrow we will use this data (and we called it data) to create a class graph.  In math we continues with subtraction.  We learned how to use addition to check our subtraction problems.  Our book orders arrived- as I am sure you noticed.  This was so exciting!  Thank you to all that ordered.  All students were given a free book to bring home because we placed an order.


Reading - "Kate's Picnic"

Spelling- write words 2 times, test tomorrow

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Good Afternoon 

We had a great day today! In reading we worked on inferring. We read another Kevin Henkes book- "Julia's the Baby of the World." We wrote responses to literature and make text to self and text to text connections! In math we continued with subtracting. Today in religion we talked about the Bible and what is in the Bible.


Spelling- sentences 6-12

Math - page 10

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Good Afternoon!

We had another very productive day today!  In reading we read the book "Paddle, Paddle Duck."  We did the comprehension questions in complete sentences on our own!  Wow!  We also read a very silly story called "Little Green Riding Hood."  In reading we finished up a project we started last week where we compared two characters from Kevin Henkes books! Believe it or not we did ALL that- and morning work, where we practiced adding three addends some more- before snack!  In grammar we worked on telling and commanding sentences.  We continue to work on subtraction in math. Today we focused on using a number line to subtract and related facts.  In religion we started chapter 3and discussed belonging to the Church.  In social studies we read a book about Johnny Appleseed and talked about him.  Today is his birthday!!


Reading - "Paddle, Paddle Duck"

Spelling - Write sentences for the first 6 words - Spelling city

Math - page 9

Monday, September 25, 2017

Good Afternoon!

We had another successful day in second grade.  In reading we read, "Farm Chores," and did the comprehension questions.  We also read "Scaredy Squirrel" which was quite funny.  In math we have moved on from addition to subtraction.  The math homework is adding three addends.  We did so much review of this today, I hope that makes the homework easier! 

For Girl Scouts....Mrs. Brignola and I met with the coordinator from Oradell today.  Information will be coming out soon.


Reading - "Farm Chores"
Spelling - write words three times each, go on spelling city
Math - page 8

Have a great night!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

For Monday 


Monday is going to be hot! Please send extra water with your child. Also, ice pops are an option on the lunch menu.....if you wanted that, you do need to order them in the morning just FYI. ( As in the can't bring the dollar to the counter at lunch - they need to order them when I do the lunch count at the beginning of the day) They are $1.00- please send in an envelope with child's name if you want one.

I will post next week's spelling words in Spelling City today- if you wanted to get a jump start practicing 

Enjoy the beautiful weather!!!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Accountable Talk Chart

Happy Friday!!!

Wow!!!!  What an amazing day we had.  You would not believe how much we did today!  We finished chapter two in religion.  You should find that in their backpacks.  In reading we did so much!  We read and then discussed the book "Ruby the Copycat" using accountable talk.  I will post our chart.  We read the decodable book "Learning to Swim" and answered comprehension questions in complete sentences.  We are getting so good at this that we can almost do it independently!  In reading we also revisited the topic of character traits.  We specifically discussed two Kevin Henkes characters- Lilly and Chester.  We charted them on two separate charts to do an activity/craft that we started today and will finish next week.  We will also use these charts to complete Venn diagrams next week to compare and contrast characters.  In addition, this week we started reading groups.  As of today, I have had time to work with every child in a small group setting at least once this week.  As we get more independent and better at classroom routines, I will be able to meet small groups more often.  In writing, we published our paragraphs!!!  They are wonderful.  They did a great job staying on topic, indenting and drawing detailed pictures that match their writing.  Today in math we tackled number sentences with four addends.  This was a real challenge and we will continue to work on it next week.  If you are looking to practice this is an example:  3+6+7+3=  They can be written horizontally or vertically. It is a bit tedious and becomes frustrating for them quickly.  The book order was placed today so hopefully we see it by late next week.

Ohhh and one more thing....

EVERYONE got 100% on the first spelling test!!!

I am so proud of everyone.

Have a great weekend!  See you on Monday!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Good Afternoon!

We had a wonderful day today!  We wrote paragraphs today!!! It was hard work, but we wrote our first drafts of them  We even learned about indenting!  Tomorrow we will publish them and illustrate them.  In reading we read a dcodable book, answered comprehension question in complete sentences and learned about "accountable talk."  Accountable talk is a fancy way to say "talking about a book," using phrases like "I agree, In my opinion, I would like to add, Can you tell me more?"  We continue to work on adding with multiple addends...tomorrow we will go up from three addends to four!  Have a great night!! 


Reading - "No Drinks in Class"

Math  - p7

Spelling - write words 2 times, test tomorrow

A couple people forgot to bring book orders today...last call is tomorrow morning :)

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Good Afternoon!

We had such a productive day!  Today we talked about making inferences while we are reading!  I will post a  picture of the chart we created.  This is such a hard concept, and we will work on it all year long, but they did great with it today!  I was very impressed!  We also read the decodable book "The Red Star" and answered comprehension questions in complete sentences.  In math today we did number sentences with three addends.  This was a challenge for some students, and you may want to review it - especially the night it comes home for homework.  In religion we continue to discuss being disciples and friends of Jesus.  We did our first Scholastic New today!  It was fun learning about lions and tigers.


Reading - "The Red Star"

Spelling - sentences for the last 6 words

Math - page 6

Book orders due tomorrow

Have a great night!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Taco Tuesday 

In honor of Taco Tuesday today we read...


Reading - "Gwen Must Run"

Math - page 5

Spelling - sentences for the first 6 spelling words

We had another great day!! In math we worked on doubles and adding and taking away 1.  In reading we read a decodable book and worked on answering comprehension questions in complete sentences.  We started chapter two in religion which focuses on how we are disciples of Jesus.  We started a new writing assignment today!  We will be writing paragraphs about a friend.  Today we just organized our thoughts usiing a graphic organizer.  As the week goes on we will write complete and organized sentences that then form a paragraph.


Book orders due Thursday

I did update spelling city, so if you get a chance please try to log in and at least make sure your username works.  If there are any issues, let me know!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Good Evening :)

I just wanted to take a minute to thank the parents for coming to Back to School Night tonight.  I appreciate your giving of your time and know we will all have a great year together!  I hope I was able to answer all of your questions, but if not please feel free to reach out to me either through email, a note or grabbing me after school.

A couple of reminders...

~Please sign up for the blog/check it daily (if you need help with this, let me know, I am happy to help you)

~Please send me your email if you haven't already

~If you have a child with food allergies, please send in a box/baggie of snacks that he/she can have when we have class parties

~ I will put this week's spelling words on spelling city tomorrow.  Feel free to go on and poke around. In fact, feel free to show your child as well.  I will most likely get the class into the computer lab next week to start signing in.

Have a great night!


Good Afternoon!

We had a great day today!!  In reading we worked on visualizing (pictures to come.)  In math we worked on doubles and making ten.In grammar we worked on the difference between complete and incomplete sentences.  We had our first spelling pretest :)  And...we got ready for you!  Hope to see you tonight at 7pm for back to school night!


Spelling -write words 3 times each

Math - page 4

Friday, September 15, 2017


Hooray for a great first full week of school!!!

We had a great day today.  We finished chapter one in religion- which talked about the ways in which Jesus was the same as us and the ways in which he was different.  I always send home the chapters as we finish them so that you can discuss as a family if you would like to.  In math we continued to work on addition.  Today in reading we read a decodable book - "The Contest" and we also talked about character traits.  We also made applesauce- as I am sure you heard.  As part of the applesauce activity, we had a social studies lesson on what exactly happens to food- apples this case- when they leave a farm.  We discussed questions such as who buys the apples? Why? What do they do with the apples once they are purchased?  Do they then sell them at Shoprite? Or does a baker buy them, make pie and sell in a bakery?  It triggered a lot of thinking on the students' part!

There is no homework on the weekend :)

Reminder - Monday is Back to School Night 7pm

Please check the homework folders for the new lunch program information.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Good Afternoon :)

We had another great day!  In reading we continued to talking about the habits of good readers and continued to "make connections" with a Kevin Henkes book - "Owen."  We also read the decodable book "Mitts and Hits." In math we talked about looking for the bigger addend in a number sentence, putting that number in our heads and then counting on to find the sum.  In science we talked about the seasons of an apple tree!


Math - page 3

Reading - "Mitts and Hits"

Please bring one apple in tomorrow for applesauce :)

Reminder - Back to School Night is Monday the 18th at 7pm

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Thank you

To the parents who came in the trip today...,

Thank you, thank you!!!! It was sooo generous of you to give up your time 😊 I truly appreciate it!!!

Apple Picking