Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Concert Tonight
Students should be here at 6:45 pm
Concert starts at 7 pm

No Homework until 2018 :)

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Good Afternoon!

We had a great day.  We read "The Gingerbread baby." We discussed beginning, middle and end.  In math we reviewed for tomorrow's test.  The following is on tomorrow's test:

~ addition ( double digit) with and without regrouping
~ rounding to the nearest ten and then then adding the rounded numbers
~ word problems (some with more than one step) they practiced this today and should have brought home the page we did together

In religion we continue to discuss Advent. 


Math - test tomorrow on Chapter 4

Religion - Family Life pages 68-69


To the students that will be receiving Penance - please remember to work on your Penance books.  They will be due on January 8, 2018.

Please bring test folders back tomorrow

Tomorrow night is the Christmas Concert.  Students should meet in my classroom at 6:45 pm.  The show starts at 7 pm.

Christmas Pageant is on Thursday at 1:30 Upper Church - all welcome

Friday is a half day - noon dismissal, no after care

Monday, December 18, 2017

Great Day Today!

We learned all about Las Posadas and did  a reading activity around it.  We reviewed for the math test - all you need to know for the test is adding double digits - and regrouping.  There is some rounding on the test - which we had on a  previous test as well as some word problems.  The students have been practicing in class every day for the test and should be well prepared.
We did the cursive letter b today and we discussed Advent in religion.


Math test Wednesday

Family Life pages 54-58

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Good Afternoon!

We had a great day today!  We continued to discuss features of nonfiction - today's focus was the index and the glossary.  In math we worked on regrouping with addition.  We had a lesson on friendship with Mrs B today - that was a special treat!  We continued to work on writing letters in writing and we also created a "December Word Wall."  We ended our day with a fun new game we will do at the close of every day - be sure to ask your child about it!!

Spelling - write your words 2 times, test tomorrow
Family Life - pages 49-53

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Good Afternoon/Evening

First of all, I am sorry for the late post...we all had a very busy day!!
Today we continued to work on features of nonfiction text in reading.  We spoke specifically about photographs and how they help the reader to comprehend (or remember) what they read.  We also reviewed the different strategies for figuring out unknown words.  We had a most exciting grammar lesson ( yes- you read that correctly!)  We read "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and then we discussed adjectives to describe the Grinch in the beginning of the story and at the end.  Then we did a fun project to go with the lesson...I will post a picture soon.  In math we continue to practice regrouping in addition.  We have finished the chapter, so I will give the test next week -prior to the vacation.  In social studies we spent some times discussing the different holidays celebrated in December, including Christmas, Hanukah, and Kwanzaa.

We TOTALLY ran out of time today...we were just THAT busy and therefore ( much to the students' disappointment) there is NO HOMEWORK tonight.  There was no time to write homework and I didn't want parents to feel forced to check the blog to find the enjoy :)

See everyone tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Good Afternoon 

We had a great day today. We worked on nonfiction reading with a focus on using/reading the diagrams and labels. In grammar we discussed action verbs. In math we did two step problem solving. We also did a visualization lesson with "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory "


Spelling - sentences 1-6, spelling city

Math - p 50

Family Life pages 46-49

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Good Afternoon!

We were very busy today! In math we reviewed rounding and adding three numbers. In religion we talked about First Penance. In reading we read a new decodable book and reviewed vocabulary words. In grammar we talked about compound words.


Spelling test tomorrow write words 2 times

Math p 48

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

We were so busy today! We worked on the writing process- we brainstormed, drafted, revised and published letter to Father Andrew. In math we worked on rewriting math problems from a horizontal position to vertical. We did the letter "u" in cursive. In reading we reviewed the vocabulary from yesterday and reread our story.


Spelling sentences 1-6

Math p 46

Cursive worksheet "I"

Girl Scout meeting Friday 2:45-4

Hats, mittens, gloves and socks being collected for the needy

Monday, December 4, 2017

Good Afternoon 

We had a great day today! In readingwe read a new story called " Birdhouse for Rent." We looked up the new vocabulary words - vacant, rent, tenant, deserted and examined. We did the letter "t" in cursive. In math we worked in rounding them adding.  In religion we discussed Saint Nicholas- remember to bring a shoe tomorrow! In writing, we started to talk about writing letters.


Spelling - write words 3 times, spelling city ( I will post words as soon as I can)

Math - p 45

Family Life- 38-41

**bring a shoe tomorrow