Friday, March 10, 2017

Girl Scouts Info

                                March 10, 2017

Dear Parents,

Hi!  Today you will be receiving your daughter’s Girl Scout vest.  The kindergarten girls will get blue Daisy vests.  The girls in grades 1 and 2 will get brown Brownies vests.  We figured since these girls will need the Brownie vest for next year, there was no point in wasting money on the blue Daisy vest for this group.  The kindergarten girls can use the blue vest for this year and next.  Hopefully, next year the kindergarten and first grade will be able to create their own true Daisy troop and then there will be two troops.  Enclosed with the vest are the numbers and the American flag.  The patches are to be ironed onto the vest on the right side (when worn right side, when looking at the vest to iron it’s the left side.)  The flag goes above the troop number 97110.   If you want a reference you can go to the Girl Scouts of America website and I am also attaching a picture.  I will also post this picture on my blog.   As we finish off this year (and from cookie sales) the girls will earn badges.  Almost every badge earned this year will go on the back of the vest.  Rule of thumb- round badges go on the back and triangular ones go on the front.  They can go anywhere you want on the back, there’s no specific order.

Cookie update….the cookies will arrive on March 17.  Mrs. Brignola and Mrs. Dennehy will pick them up.  Please allow us a few days (up to a week) to organize this.  There are over 1200 boxes of cookies so it will take time to sort through everything.

Meetings…the next meeting will be March 24.  It was posted on the first and second grade blogs and I reached out to the K moms.  We  didn’t want anyone to feel rushed today with the meeting and the Sweetheart dance and then next week is St. Patrick’s Day.  The next meeting is March 24 in my room until 4 pm.  For that meeting- Martucci has snack and Tiscornia has drinks.  We will let you know when the April meeting will take place because the second Friday of April is Good Friday and therefore we have no school.

Lastly, this Sunday at 9am there is a Girl Scout Mass at church.  If your daughter would like to participate (sit with the Girl Scouts) please be at church by 8:45 am and meet in the lower church.  Your daughter should wear her new vest with the flag and numbers already in place.  Mrs. Brignola will be there as well as the older girls. 


Have a great weekend!!

Mrs. Potter and Mrs. Brignola J