Monday, March 27, 2017

Good Morning


Spelling- write words three times each, go on

Math- page 94

Reading- "The Museum"

* If you have not yet returned your report card envelope please do soon as soon as possible.
* It is allergy/cold season and we are almost out of tissues and Clorox wipes...please send some in if you can

Here's what's happening in second grade this week-

We will be finishing the unit on time and money and will have a test on this on Wednesday.  When we have completed this, we will go back and finish the unit on geometry.

In reading we are continuing to read about animals and how they adapt.  We will also continue to read "Charlotte's Web."

This week your child will bring home a book report project.  I will attach directions, however here is some information about the project....

~Each child will read one book.  The book should be at least a short chapter book (ie: Junie B Jones, Magic Tree House)  The students must show me the book they wish to read no later than this Friday- March 31, 2017. 
~The report is due on April 24, 2017.  This is the first day back after April vacation so everyone will have plenty of time to read and complete the report. 
~The completed project will be to create a book jacket for the book (one that is different from the cover on the book you read.)  I will send home both the directions and the paper on which to do the project.

In science we will continue to discuss reptiles and amphibians and in social studies we are talking about maps.

In religion we are starting Unit 3 which focuses on the Eucharist- which is very appropriate for second grade this time of year.  I do hope everyone enjoyed the retreat.  The First Communion books are due April 24 as well.

I hope everyone has a great week!