Friday, March 31, 2017

Good Evening!

Today I sent home book orders.  Two things about the book orders- the one that says summer reading has a LOT of really good books which would be good for summer reading....if you're thinking ahead. Also, as you may have heard from your child we as a class really LOVE "Scaredey Squirrel."  There is a book in the summer order "Scaredey Squirrel Goes to the Beach."  Feel free to order it - obviously- however if you would like the original book Scholastic does have it (even though it isn't in the order.)  If you would like that book just jot me a note with the book order and the cost is $3.
Book orders are due Wednesday - with no late orders this time in hopes that we get them before vacation.

One more piece of information - many of the students have really gotten done to the bare bones in terms of their crayons.  Please ask your child if his or her crayons are either really worn down- or in some cases missing more than half the box.  If that's the case kindly send in a new box of crayons to get us through to the end of the year :)

Have a great weekend!