Wednesday, September 6, 2017

First Day


Welcome to second grade!!!

We had a truly amazing day today, and I hope your children all came home having had a great first day!

A few bits of information to start the year off....

- As you probably saw in today's folder, we are going on a trip next week!  We will be going apple picking at Demarest Farms in Hillsdale. As the letter indicates- all students are invited - but not required - to bring one adult.  I will send a note with other details (lunch, gym uniform, etc.) next week.

- Gym days are Wednesday and Thursday.  Please wear gym uniforms and sneakers on those days.  Summer uniform can be worn this month.  I will work out the other specials schedule by tomorrow and i will post it on the blog so that you know which day your child has library as well.

- Please either sign up for the email to get the blog daily, or check it daily.  I put ALL classroom information on the blog and I do post every day.  I will make every effort to post as early in the day as possible.

- Homework will begin next Monday.  I will send assignments next week, however the regular routine for homework will start the following week - when we have back to school night.  I prefer to explain the routine/pattern of the homework in person prior to starting it.

- This month - in addition to our regular curriculum- we will also discuss apples and we will read the books written by Kevin Henkes.  I generally start the year with this author and his books because he really understand children and the issues that concern them.  Today we read "Chrysanthemum," a story about a child who's insecure about her name.  Many of next week's homework assignments will revolve around our own names and will require assistance from parents.

-Spelling City - I will be again signing up the class for this year.  Feel free to go take a look if you get the chance.  On back to school night I will provide more details, however it's good to know that your child will have some homework on this website every week.  This will be part of the spelling homework and I will check to see who has been on the computer to work on their spelling words.  I think this site provides a number of fun ways to work on spelling and vocabulary as well as integrates technology into the homework.  All students will have their own user name and we will go to the computer lab as a class to log in a few times this month.

- I am asking for $13 per student to order a planner (homework notebook) and National Geographic magazine.  The planners I have already ordered and next week when we start homework the students will start to use them.  They are too big (spiral) to fit in the folder....I am trying to think of a way to "preserve" them so they last all year...the spiral binding makes contact paper difficult ....if you have any ideas they would be greatly appreciated!  I really love the planners otherwise and they will have something similar in 3rd grade so this will be one less new thing next year.  The National Geographic magazines are amazing and come with one science and one social studies article every issue then one addition article.  I truly think both items are worth the cost.  I know, however, that this month gets very costly....send it when you can, please.

Finally, I am always available.  If you have any worries, concerns....please feel free to grab me at dismissal to either have a quick chat or set up a time to meet...or email me.  I check my email very regularly and will get back to you in no more than 24 hours.  I know that we will have an amazing year!!!!

Have a great night!

Mrs. Potter