Monday, September 11, 2017

Good Afternoon :)

We had a great full day of school today!

The class was nothing short of AMAZING at church today - so well behaved and using their best singing voices.  I was so proud!


Math- page 1

Reading - name worksheet (first name is enough)

Today we talked about related fact in addition (1+3=4, 3+1=4)
In reading we talked about how making connections (between texts and our own lives, texts and other texts, and texts to the world)  will help to remember/comprehend what we read.
We read aloud 2 new Kevin Henkes books and we read a "Frog and Toad" story together!

Trip Reminders:

Please end in the money if you haven't yet
The bus will leave at 9:30, all parents are encouraged to come on the bus with us.
We will eat lunch at the farm- so please bring no glass.
I will have wipes and sanitizer :)
Students should wear gym uniforms

Hope everyone had a great day!