Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Buddy Reading

In the ZONE!

Our class rules- all in positive language- made by the class 

Parents -

I have been asked by a couple of parents if students can go home after there trip.  The students will be expected to stay at school after the trip, as we will be returning around the end of lunch and will still have the entire afternoon ahead of us!

Mrs. Potter
Good Afternoon!!


Math - page 2

Reading - "Sand, tan Hats and Mats"  please return tomorrow

Language Arts - name worksheet

We had another great day today! 

                                                                        September 12, 2017


Dear Parents,


This is just a reminder that we are going on our field trip tomorrow to Demarest Farms.  Please send your child to school in the gym uniform.  Make sure your child is wearing sneakers.  We will be eating lunch at the farm.  Please send a brown bag lunch (not a lunch box, I do not want to lose anything.)  Students should not bring anything glass.

Parents who are coming with us- please be at school at 9:15.  We will be leaving around 9:30.  We should be back at school around 12:30. 

The students will see some farm animals and will be allowed to feed them if they wish.  The cost of the “crackers” is $2.00.  If you would like your child to be able to do this, please send in the money for that tomorrow. There are also some quarter machines they can use, so feel free to bring quarters.  I will have wipes and sanitizer J

The weather is supposed to be beautiful tomorrow so I am looking forward to a great trip!!!


Thank You,

Mrs. Potter