Friday, September 15, 2017


Hooray for a great first full week of school!!!

We had a great day today.  We finished chapter one in religion- which talked about the ways in which Jesus was the same as us and the ways in which he was different.  I always send home the chapters as we finish them so that you can discuss as a family if you would like to.  In math we continued to work on addition.  Today in reading we read a decodable book - "The Contest" and we also talked about character traits.  We also made applesauce- as I am sure you heard.  As part of the applesauce activity, we had a social studies lesson on what exactly happens to food- apples this case- when they leave a farm.  We discussed questions such as who buys the apples? Why? What do they do with the apples once they are purchased?  Do they then sell them at Shoprite? Or does a baker buy them, make pie and sell in a bakery?  It triggered a lot of thinking on the students' part!

There is no homework on the weekend :)

Reminder - Monday is Back to School Night 7pm

Please check the homework folders for the new lunch program information.