Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Taco Tuesday 

In honor of Taco Tuesday today we read...


Reading - "Gwen Must Run"

Math - page 5

Spelling - sentences for the first 6 spelling words

We had another great day!! In math we worked on doubles and adding and taking away 1.  In reading we read a decodable book and worked on answering comprehension questions in complete sentences.  We started chapter two in religion which focuses on how we are disciples of Jesus.  We started a new writing assignment today!  We will be writing paragraphs about a friend.  Today we just organized our thoughts usiing a graphic organizer.  As the week goes on we will write complete and organized sentences that then form a paragraph.


Book orders due Thursday

I did update spelling city, so if you get a chance please try to log in and at least make sure your username works.  If there are any issues, let me know!