Thursday, September 21, 2017

Good Afternoon!

We had a wonderful day today!  We wrote paragraphs today!!! It was hard work, but we wrote our first drafts of them  We even learned about indenting!  Tomorrow we will publish them and illustrate them.  In reading we read a dcodable book, answered comprehension question in complete sentences and learned about "accountable talk."  Accountable talk is a fancy way to say "talking about a book," using phrases like "I agree, In my opinion, I would like to add, Can you tell me more?"  We continue to work on adding with multiple addends...tomorrow we will go up from three addends to four!  Have a great night!! 


Reading - "No Drinks in Class"

Math  - p7

Spelling - write words 2 times, test tomorrow

A couple people forgot to bring book orders today...last call is tomorrow morning :)