Friday, September 22, 2017

Accountable Talk Chart

Happy Friday!!!

Wow!!!!  What an amazing day we had.  You would not believe how much we did today!  We finished chapter two in religion.  You should find that in their backpacks.  In reading we did so much!  We read and then discussed the book "Ruby the Copycat" using accountable talk.  I will post our chart.  We read the decodable book "Learning to Swim" and answered comprehension questions in complete sentences.  We are getting so good at this that we can almost do it independently!  In reading we also revisited the topic of character traits.  We specifically discussed two Kevin Henkes characters- Lilly and Chester.  We charted them on two separate charts to do an activity/craft that we started today and will finish next week.  We will also use these charts to complete Venn diagrams next week to compare and contrast characters.  In addition, this week we started reading groups.  As of today, I have had time to work with every child in a small group setting at least once this week.  As we get more independent and better at classroom routines, I will be able to meet small groups more often.  In writing, we published our paragraphs!!!  They are wonderful.  They did a great job staying on topic, indenting and drawing detailed pictures that match their writing.  Today in math we tackled number sentences with four addends.  This was a real challenge and we will continue to work on it next week.  If you are looking to practice this is an example:  3+6+7+3=  They can be written horizontally or vertically. It is a bit tedious and becomes frustrating for them quickly.  The book order was placed today so hopefully we see it by late next week.

Ohhh and one more thing....

EVERYONE got 100% on the first spelling test!!!

I am so proud of everyone.

Have a great weekend!  See you on Monday!