Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Good Afternoon!

We had another very productive day today!  In reading we read the book "Paddle, Paddle Duck."  We did the comprehension questions in complete sentences on our own!  Wow!  We also read a very silly story called "Little Green Riding Hood."  In reading we finished up a project we started last week where we compared two characters from Kevin Henkes books! Believe it or not we did ALL that- and morning work, where we practiced adding three addends some more- before snack!  In grammar we worked on telling and commanding sentences.  We continue to work on subtraction in math. Today we focused on using a number line to subtract and related facts.  In religion we started chapter 3and discussed belonging to the Church.  In social studies we read a book about Johnny Appleseed and talked about him.  Today is his birthday!!


Reading - "Paddle, Paddle Duck"

Spelling - Write sentences for the first 6 words - Spelling city

Math - page 9