Thursday, September 28, 2017

Good Afternoon!

Today was another fun day in second grade.  We have started a new reading unit - the theme is Kindness, so all of the books/stories in the unit focus on being kind.  The students got new reading text books and had time to "peruse" them.  We read the book "Kate's Picnic."  Please send that back for tomorrow's lesson. We finished Kevin Henkes and wrote about which books were our favorite.  Tomorrow we will use this data (and we called it data) to create a class graph.  In math we continues with subtraction.  We learned how to use addition to check our subtraction problems.  Our book orders arrived- as I am sure you noticed.  This was so exciting!  Thank you to all that ordered.  All students were given a free book to bring home because we placed an order.


Reading - "Kate's Picnic"

Spelling- write words 2 times, test tomorrow