Friday, September 29, 2017

Kevin Henkes Graph

Good Evening!!

WARNING - LONG post :) Bear with me please!

We had an awesome day today!!!  I hope you hear about it, not only from this blog but also from your child.  We had specials this morning.  Group 1 has library on Monday please bring your book.  If you forgot your book today, you can return it Monday.  In reading today we worked on buddy reading and how we read with a buddy.  We not only reread "Kate's Picnic" but also shared our book baggies for the first time with a reading buddy.  If you have not heard about "book baggies" yet, let me explain.  Each student has a canvas blue bag in his or her desk.  The students go "book shopping" once a week.  When they "shop" they pick out 5 books that they can read from designated baskets in my classroom library.  They keep those books, in the baggie, all week.  If they finish an assignment ahead of others- they automatically read their bag of books.  It is a constructive thing to do when you have spare time. So today we practiced reading those books to a buddy.  In math we continued with subtraction.  We worked on finding the missing number in a number sentence (3 + ___=6)  We discussed the various ways to solve this problem - use subtraction, count up, count the number of jumps on your number line.  Quite a few students struggled with this, we will do more next week.  We only have two lessons left in the chapter, so a test is coming....however Friday would be the earliest day for the test.  I definitely want to review a few concepts before the test.  I will let you know early next week the exact date.  Also in math today - though linked with literature- we graphed our favorite Kevin Henkes books.  We discussed how this information was data and we reviewed the results.  I will post a picture of the graph. In grammar we reviewed telling and commanding sentences and took a quiz to see if we understood.  We took our spelling test :) Everyone did well! In religion we talked about the terms faith and worship.  We also read the bible story about when Jesus arrived in Jerusalem the week before his Death and Resurrection.  Next week we will really get into the sacraments.  We will start with a focus on Baptism.  I will be sending home a paper on Monday to be completed with a parent.  The paper is just asking for some basic information about your child's Baptism.  Please complete it together- but have your child do the writing.  I will send it home Monday please return it by Thursday.  I ask that- if possible- please send a photograph of your child on his/her baptism day - it can be the child alone, or a family picture, or with Godparents...any picture.  In the event that your child was not baptized, please email me so that I can adjust the assignment.  This afternoon we had a great (and fun) social studies lesson.  We learned more about Johnny Appleseed and watched a quick video about him on!  Then we charted some facts about him that we knew/remembered from the previous lessons and from today.  After we made the chart the students used it to write some facts about Johnny on an index card and then we created Johnny Appleseed puppets.  They are hanging in our classroom and look fantastic.  I forgot to take pictures today - because we literally worked right up to 2:43 pm ! I will take pictures next week and post them.  I told told you it was an awesome day!

A few small odds and ends...

You will have noticed the test folders went home today.  Please review the work that was sent home, empty the folder, sign and return on Monday.  My advise is to keep the math "quizzes"as they can help you to review for the tests.  I usually send a review sheet for the tests, but these quizzes are also very helpful.

Summer uniforms MAY be worn next week.  The exact date of the switch has not yet been determined, however summer uniforms may be worn next week and REGULAR uniforms must be worn the 10th of October for class picture day.

I will post the spelling words for next week on spelling city by Sunday afternoon- sooner if I can get to it.  We are scheduled to go to the computer lab as a class on Wednesday to use Spelling City.

Have a blessed and wonderful weekend!