Friday, November 3, 2017

Two Notes Going Home Today

Here are two things going home today - a note about the class trip and fairy tale publishing along with chapter 2 math review for test on Thursday:

                                                                        November 3, 2017

Dear Parents,
As I am sure you have heard, we are well into the writing of our fairy tales.  The time has come to begin to publish the fairy tales.  I have ordered the books we will use to publish.  If you could please send in $4, by next Friday to cover that cost, I would greatly appreciate it.
Also, I have booked our field trip for the end of the year.  We will be going to The American Museum of Natural History on May 18.  The cost for an ADULT is $15.50- which includes the planetarium.  I will not know the cost of a child until we book the bus, but it will probably be about $30.  I need to know how many adults want to come on the trip so I can ensure we have enough room in the cafeteria for lunch and enough seats during the planetarium show.  Each child is allowed to bring one parent/adult on the trip, but it is not necessary to bring an adult.  Please send me a note or email, by next Friday,             November 10, 2017,  if you plan of attending. 
Thank you so much for your continued support.
Have a good weekend and God Bless,
Mrs. Potter

Chapter 2 Review

Dear Parents – On Thursday, November 9, the second grade will have their second math test. 
Here is a review sheet so you can help prepare your child for the test.

1.      Place Value – ones place, tens place – writing in expanded form.
Example 47 in expanded form is 40+7
2.     Writing number words – example  23 – twenty three
3.    Putting numbers in order from greatest to smallest and smallest to greatest
4.    Putting numbers in order/fill in the missing numbers
Example:  34, 35, 36, ___, ____, 39, ____
5.    Even and odd number
6.    Rounding to the nearest 10
7.    Estimating
8.    Word Problems