Friday, November 10, 2017

Good Evening!!!

Well we sure got a ton of work done today!!!  In Religion we finished Chapter 7 - which focused on Ordinary Time.  We talked about some things we do with our families during Ordinary Time- like going to mass on Sundays or maybe volunteering time at a soup kitchen or donating food.  We started Chapter 3 in Math.  Today's lessons focused on reading a table and a pictograph.  I explained to the class that the MOST important part of the pictograph is the KEY!  Last year, when they did pictographs in first grade each picture in the graph represented only "one" of the item you were graphing....this year the pictures stand for more than one and this takes some time to get used to and remember.  In reading today we continued to discuss the features on nonfiction text- and this lesson carried over into both our science and social studies lessons (which was pretty awesome.)  Two new features we discussed ( and saw) today are close up pictures and "actual size" pictures.  In science the class got their first National Geographic Magazine and it has a whole article on  leaf cutter ants!!!!  ( This is great because our reading selection is also about ants, so everything is connecting!) We started the first part of the article and we discussed the vocabulary word "mandibles." We also read and discussed about how amazing an ant colony is.  They truly work as a family and every ant has a very specific job - we counted 8 jobs today.  We also watched a short clip of a National Geographic for kids video about ants.  In social studies we talked about Veteran's Day.  We did a Scholastic News Magazine on Veteran's Day and discussed the diagram (feature of nonfiction :) of the tank on the back of the magazine.  We finished Unit 1 in Grammar which focused on the four types of sentences, pronouns, conjunctions and subject and predicate.  We started Unit 2 which focuses on nouns.  And then there's the fairy of now, the entire class has finished the publishing phase and most of the class has finished illustrating.  We hope to have the illustrating finished Monday and will begin to share our books with other classes on Tuesday.

A few reminders:

~ I only heard from a few parents about coming on the trip in May ( we have plenty for those who cannot come - I don't NEED more) - but if you want to come please let me know because I need to let the museum know the general number of people.
~ If you can send me a can of Lysol (like the air disinfectant) spray I would really appreciate it. I am trying to keep the germs at bay
~ We are doing a school wide winter clothing drive (hats, gloves, scarves and socks) for those in need.  Please send NEW items if you can.  I am running the drive so all donations can be made in my classroom.  This is a great opportunity to give to those in need and to explain to our children that there are so many people in need.  Even one donation will make a difference to a child/adult who has so little.
~ Our fairy tale publishing celebration is Tuesday, November 21 at 8:20 am.  Thank you to the parents who offered to help me by sending in items for afterwards.
~ Girl Scouts Meeting is Friday the 17th...all girls MUST be registered to attend.


Happy Veteran's Day to all who have served.  Thank you - to you and your families- for your service and unwavering dedication to our country.