Friday, December 21, 2018

I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for all of the lovely gifts and to those who sent in items for today's party.  I really appreciate everything.

I hope you all have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!

See you in 2019!

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Good Afternoon

Tomorrow is a half day - there is no aftercare

Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for the recess activities that will take place during the winter months

We will have our Christmas celebration tomorrow

No Homework :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Good Afternoon

We had a very fun, busy day!  We are working on very special surprises for our families :)  We also got to to see the school production of Elf!


Math- p 55
Reading - "Just a Phase for Phil"

Red and green tag day Thursday - $2
Nativity Play- upper church 1:30 pm tomorrow all are welcome
Club sign ups for during the winter months ( during recess) still has openings for anyone interested
Tomorrow we make gingerbread houses :)
Friday- noon dismissal, no aftercare

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Good Afternoon

Here's what we did today....

In reading....we read the decodable book "Be a Wrangler"

In grammar.....we worked on pronouns

In religion....we reviewed what the gospel is and where it is found in the Bible.  We also discussed Our Lady of Guadalupe, as today is her feast day

In math.....we reviewed SO much for the test Friday.  Please review the papers that come home

In cursive....we learned the letter f


Spelling - sentences 8-13

Math - 52 and 53

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Good Afternoon

Here's what we did today....

In reading....we read the book "Tell Me Tree."  This is a very hard selection.  There will be no assessment.  St dents brought it home to practice reading tonight.  We also looked up the vocabulary word.

In math....we worked SO hard on word problems.  Please use the pages sent home today as a review.  We did pages 181 and 182 completely together.  All work was shown on the board.  I reminded students to write the work, however some did not.  Please tell the students to show they're work....not just write the answer.  On the next page, the students did each problem independently at first and then we reviewed it.  If there is a sticker beside the problem, they child did it correctly independently.

In science we continue to work on reindeer.


Spelling - sentences 1-7

Math- p 51

Reading- "Tell Me Tree"

Pizza lunch tomorrow

Monday, December 10, 2018

Good Afternoon!

Here's what we did today....

In reading....we reviewed the vocabulary words from "Birdhouse for Rent" and reread that story.  We also read the decodable book "Granddaddy Spider and the Party.  Tomorrow we will start the final story of this unit.

In grammar....we started to learn about pronouns.

In cursive....we reviewed old letters and learned the letter "h"

In  religion....we lit the second candle on the Advent wreath and continue to learn about Advent.

In math....we practiced double digit addition.  There will be a test on this chapter on Friday.  ** Please note:  A review for the chapter WILL NOT go home.  The reason for this is that the students only need to know the following:

  • how to add double digit numbers  ( with and without regrouping/carrying)
  • how to round to the nearest ten
  • word problems ( with hidden words like "double" or "dozen" and multi step problems)
  • regroup example 6 tens 16 ones = 7 tens and 6 ones)
In science....we labeled a reindeer and learned reindeer facts.


Spelling- 3x each, no test this week

Math- p 50, test Friday

Reading "Granddaddy Spider"


Pizza Lunch this Wednesday

Thursday, December 6, 2018

No Homework

Spelling Test tomorrow

See everyone at 6:45 for the concert :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Good Afternoon!!

Here's what we did today....

In reading....we continue to read "Birdhouse for Rent" and review the vocabulary words

In math....we continue to work on double digit addition.  Please remind students that when they regroup or carry they MUST show the number they carry.  Also, homework today is rounding.  Some students are still having a hard time with this.  We reviewed this today, but please review at home as well.

In science....we continue to learn about reindeer

We had a special presentation today about pedestrian safety.


Spelling- sentences 1-6

Math- p 48

Reading- read for 10 minutes


Monday, December 3, 2018

Good Afternoon!

I hope everyone had a restful weekend!  The students came to school very excited that December has started!

Here's what we did today...

In reading.... we read a new story called "Birdhouse for Rent."  The interesting thing about this selection is that it is written from the perspective of the birdhouse and thus the birdhouse is the narrator.  The vocabulary words for the selection are tricky and while we reviewed them and write their definitions today - you may want to review them at home as well.  They are: rent, vacant, deserted, examined and tenants.  We are also continuing to focus on nonfiction text features.  This week in reading/science we will learn about reindeer.

In spelling....we took a pretest and reviewed our new words.

In grammar.....we learned about using verbs in the future tense.

In handwriting....we worked on cursive letters e and l

In math.....we worked on double digit addition using three addends.  This can be difficult for the students and requires that they go slow and they take their time

In religion....we talked about Advent as a season of preparing and waiting.  We worked on Advent calendars

In science....we started to talk about reindeer

In Social Studies....we read a Scholastic Magazine about the history of gingerbread.


Spelling- three times each, test Friday

Math- p47

Reading- read for ten minutes...try to read a nonfiction book


Thursday is the Christmas Concert - 7pm.  Students should arrive at 6:45 and report to the classroom

Friday is a half day - noon dismissal

Breakfast with Santa is Saturday

Next week- pizza lunch Wednesday and Santa's workshop is Monday

Thursday, November 29, 2018


Spelling- Test Tomorrow

Math- p 46

Reading - "Meet the Bats"

Cursive- worksheet

Book Orders Due Tomorrow

We were so busy today!!!  In reading we read the decodable book "Meet the Bats."  Then we answered comprehension questions and did literacy centers.  In math we worked on word problems with hidden information like the words "dozen" or "double."  We also worked on adding double digit numbers.  In religion we spoke about the New Testament.  We learned the cursive letter "t."  In grammar we worked on helping verbs and being verbs. :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Good Evening!!! may have was a BIG day in second grade because we started cursive!!!  Very exciting!!!!  We also did double digit addition with regrouping for the first time!!!  In reading we continue to learn about the features of nonfiction.  We had a special presentation on bike safety today too!


Math - p 45

Spelling- sentences 7-12

Reading- read for ten minutes

Book Orders due Friday

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Good Afternoon


Spelling- sentences 1-6

Math- p 43 and 44

Reading- read 10 minutes

Book Orders Due Friday

Monday, November 26, 2018

Good Afternoon!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!


Spelling- 3 times each, test Friday

Reading- read for ten minutes

Book Orders due Friday

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Good Afternoon!

We had such a wonderful, special day!

Thank you to everyone who came to the prayer service and the publishing party today.

I was SO proud of all of the students...they did a wonderful job on both counts.

Tomorrow is a half day.  No Aftercare

Math Test Chapter 3 tomorrow

Book Orders due 11/29

Monday, November 19, 2018

Good Afternoon

Here's what we did today....

In reading...we read "If You Find a Rock."  We also went book shopping for nonfiction books as we continue to learn about nonfiction books and their features.

In writing...we practiced our fairy tales for tomorrow

In math....we reviewed for the test on Wednesday

In social studies ....we read a Scholastic News about the Wampanoag comminity

We also went over to church to practice for tomorrow's prayer service.


No Spelling this week

Math- p 40, Test Wednesday

Religion- Family Life p13

Reading- Read for ten minutes


Fairy Tale Publishing party tomorrow at 8:20/30 in my room

Thanksgiving Prayer Service 2 pm upper church

Book Orders due on November 29 (if you would like to order books as gift I can help get them to you without your child knowing....just give me a heads up)

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Good Afternoon

We had a great day today.

Here's what we did....

In reading....we read a decodable book and answered comprehension questions.  We also reviewed the elements of nonfiction and used to learn about reading nonfiction books.  We reread "If you Find a Rock."

In grammar....we learned about verbs that are "happening now" (ing words)

In math.... we reviewed line plots and rage, mode and median.

In religion.....we learned about the church year.

And....we read our fairy tales to the class!


Spelling- study for test tomorrow

Math - p39

Reading "Hit the Trail"

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Math Chapter 3 Review

Chapter 3 Review

1. Circle Charts. Students should know how to read it and answer simple
questions such as which color was the favorite/least favorite? How many
students chose blue? Which color got one more/less vote than purple?

2. Pictographs – The MOST IMPORTANT thing about the pictograph I have told
the students is to look at the key. If they are having trouble- before they
answer a question, they should do the math- get the totals for each section:

Favorite Pets

Dog O O O O ( 3+3+3+3 = 12 – they should write this right on the chart so they have
the totals to help answer the questions)

Cat O (3)
Fish O O (3+3=6)
Bird O O O ( 3+3+3=9)

KEY: Each O stands for 3 votes

They have to know how to answer questions such as –which was the most/least
popular? How many children chose dogs and birds? How many more children
chose birds than cats?

3. Range, Median and Mode – they need to know that when given a group of
numbers the first thing they do is put them in order from least to greatest, if a
number appears two or three times they must write it in the order that many

Example: Bill plays a game. His scores are 3, 7, 5, 9, 3.
The first thing they do put the numbers in order:


To get the range: largest number minus smallest 9-3=6 Range is 6

Mode is the number they see the most= 3
Median- the number in the middle = 5
To remind them I tell them MOde = MOst ( not the most value, what they see the most)


They also need to be able to get the mode and range using a line plot – same
thing range largest number minus smallest number and mode the number that

occurs the most.

4. How to use the data in a tally graph to create a bar graph.

5. Venn Diagrams. This is a chart with two overlapping circles. So they get see
a table that provides data – say Apples and Oranges. The table will provide

Snack Facts
Apples: Red, thin peel, fruit, grown on tree
Oranges :Grows on tree, orange, fruit, leathery rind
They need to use that chart to fill in the Venn Diagram.
The diagram is two overlapping circles. It will say Apples on the left circle
and Oranges on the right. To complete the diagram they write the apple only
characteristics left circle. The overlapping/common to both characteristics
in the middle where the circles overlap. Write the orange only

characteristics in the circle to the right.

Then be able to answer questions such as how many characteristics do they

share? How many characteristics are for apples only.
Good Evening!

Here's what we did today...

In reading...we read the nonfiction selection "If you find a Rock"  We reviewed the vocabulary words and we read to find information.  We also read the decodable book "A Good Deed at the Beach" and answered comprehension questions.

In grammar....we reviewed verbs in the past tense and learned about helping verbs

In math...we learned about line plots.  This is the one of the hardest concepts in the chapter.  Please remind students the MODE is not the number that IS the MOST but rather the number that comes up the MOST (has the most x )  It is confusing.  We also did Venn Diagrams- which we have done in reading before.  The chapter test will be on Wednesday, November 22.  I sent a detailed hard copy of the review home today.  I will post it on my blog, but please note, for some reason I cannot copy the Venn Diagram sit's best to have the hard copy too.

We finished our fairy tales!!!!!!!  We cannot wait to share with you :)


Spelling- sentences 7-12, spelling city, test Friday

Math- p 38

Reading- "A Good Deed at the Beach"

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Math- p 37

Spelling- 3 times each to sentences 1-6- depending on what you did yesterday

Reading- read for 10 minutes

Pizza Lunch tomorrow

Monday, November 12, 2018

Good Afternoon

We had a great day today!

Here's what we did...

In reading....we talked about elements of nonfiction, specifically captions.  We read the book "Ants!"

In math....we worked on reading graphs and on range, median and mode.

In religion.... we finished the chapter on Confirmation


Spelling- 3 times each ( I accidentally wrote sentences 1-6 on my blog they can do either one), spelling city, test Friday

Math- worksheet

Reading- read ten minutes


Pizza Lunch Wednesday
Fairy Tale party next Tuesday - if you need to get to work, please let me know and I can have your child read in the beginning
Tuesday- prayer service at 2:00 in the Upper Church - all welcome, we will be singing a song
Noon Dismissal on Wednesday (11/21)

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Good Afternoon!

Here's what we did today....

In reading....we continue to learn about the features of nonfiction.

In math....we learned about bar graphs.

In writing.....still fairy tales.

We also decorated and sent home invitations to the fairy tale publishing party.


Spelling- test tomrrow

Math- p 35

Reading - Read for 10 minutes

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

You're Invited

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It’s time to celebrate…OUR WRITING!!!

You’re Invited

The Second Grade Presents….Fairy Tales

When- Tuesday, November 20, 2018 at 8:30 am

Where- In Our Classroom

Please join us as we celebrate our fairy tales.  It has taken us a lot of time and effort, but we are finally ready to share our hard work with you!  Please join us as we share our very own fairy tales.

Refreshments to follow
Good Afternoon!!!!

Here's what we did today....

In reading....we continue to learn about the features of nonfiction texts.  Today we focused on the glossary and diagrams.  We looked new vocabulary words up in the glossary to define them.  Then we read all the information in a diagram and wrote about what we learned.

In writing....oh the fairy tales are really coming along!!!!!

In math...we worked more on pictographs today.  This is so hard and I could tell that many students struggled with the homework assignment.  This is also the homework for tonight.


Spelling - sentences 1-6, test Friday

Math- pictograph worksheet

Reading- read for 10 minutes

Monday, November 5, 2018


If your child brought home a "turkey" or an "I am thankful for" piece of writing....please return them to school on Wednesday.

They were supposed to leave both on their desks to be hung up on the board in the hallway.

Thank you!!!!
Good afternoon!

Here's what we did today....

In reading....we started a new unit of study- nonfiction.  Today we read the book "Ants" and started to discuss the different features on nonfiction books.  Specifically, we spoke about diagrams, captions and photographs.

In grammar....we learned about using verbs in the past tense and how to change the spelling to make the verb past tense.

In spelling....we had a pretest on the long "ee" and "ea" words

In math....we learned about pictographs ( the MOST important part of the pictograph is the KEY)

In religion....we started to talk about the church calendar

In writing....we wrote about what we are thankful for and why.

We also did a fun thanksgiving art project.

I look forward to seeing most parents tomorrow at conferences.


Spelling- write your words 3 times each.
Math- p 34
Reading- read for 10 minutes

No school for lower school students tomorrow

If you have not sent in the $5 for the fairy tale please do so on Wednesday

Thursday, November 1, 2018

We had a MAGICAL time at Disney on Ice today :)

Everyone was so well behaved - both on the bus and on the show.

Thank you so much for all the volunteer help!!!


We are going to 8:30 mass
Veteran's Day program
Noon Dismissal

Please send $5 for the fairy tale books

Reminder- Tuesday is no school for students, conferences

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween!!!

I think everyone had a great day today :)

Thank you to the PTO for the Trunk or Treat event and to Mrs. Casey for providing the adorable cupcakes!


Students should arrive at school at regular time.  They may bring a snack.  They may bring a lunch to eat when we return from school if you want.  If you are coming on the trip, you may buy lunch at the venue.  If you are not coming, and you wish for your child to get a souvenir or something to eat please send the money in an envelope with his/her name clearly written and email me about what food you are/aren't okay with.  Do Not Bring Book Bags Tomorrow and Students May Wear Gym Uniforms

Parents coming on the trip- meet in the cafeteria at 8:45.  We will distribute the tickets so you can meet us at the venue.  Please be aware that the seat number you get may not be the seat you actually sit in.  Once we are at the venue we will sit ( child-parent-child-parent, etc) in class order...K first then 1 and finally grade 2.

If you have any questions please email me tonight.

There will be no homework tomorrow.

Noon Dismissal
We are attending mass at 8:30 am
Veteran's Day Program

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

Monday, October 29, 2018

Good Afternoon!!

We had a great day!  Our fairy tales are really coming along.  We started to learn about non fiction books and we continue to learn about Confirmation in religion.  In math we started to learn about collecting data!  We read tables and charts.  This is one of the harder chapters in the entire year so please look at the work as it comes home so you will see what type of information will be on the test at the end of the chapter.



Math- p 599
Religion- Family Life book pages 10 and 11
Read for 10 minutes

Picture Day Tomorrow ( students may wear own clothes or uniform) Please bring in forms if you haven't already

Wednesday- Power of One Assembly, Book Fair, extended lunch ( 12:45 - 1) students may go home for lunch, parade and trunk or treat

Thursday - Field Trip - wear gym uniforms

Friday - noon dismissal, 1st and 2nd grades will go to mass at 8:30 am, Veteran's Day program

Have a great night!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Good Evening!!

Again I am sorry for the late school computer is on the process of being fixed!

We were super busy today!

The highlights....

We have fairy tales in full swing!
We reviewed for the math test.


Spelling- sentences 7-12

Math- test tomorrow ( the page I sent home is for practice doesn't have to be returned)

Please bring a pumpkin tomorrow

Quarters tomorrow for book drive :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Good Evening!

Sorry for the late post...

We did so much today but the most important thing we did was start our fairy tales :)


Spelling- sentences 1-6

Math - pages 25 and 26, Test Thursday

Please bring a pumpkin in by Thursday

Please bring in change for the book drive :)

Monday, October 22, 2018

Good Afternoon!

Here's what we did today....

In reading....we continue to read fairy tales and discuss the elements of fairy tales.  We read a story about Red Riding Hood today...but told by the wolf!  We discussed point of view.  Tomorrow we will begin to write our fairy tales!

In spelling....we did a pretest for our new words.  The new words all have "kn, wr. or ph" in their spelling, so we talked about silent letters and letters that are paired together to make one sound.

In math....talked about counting patterns and ordinal numbers.  We also started to review the major concepts of the chapter through centers.  Test is Thursday.

**The school is collecting change for needy classrooms that cannot afford books. The class that collects the most money will get a pizza party or a free tag day.

Monday- send pennies
Tuesday- send nickles
Wednesday- send dimes
Thursday- send quaters
Friday - send singles



Spelling- write words 3 times each, spelling city, test FRiday

Math- pages 35 and 26

Reminders for next week

10/30 Picture Day ( may wear own/dress clothes)
10/31 Halloween - extended lunch/parade/trunk or treat/BOOK FAIR
11/1 Disney on Ice trip
11/2 Noon Dismissal - All Souls Day- grades 1 and 2 will attend 8:30 mass

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Good Afternoon!

I hope everyone enjoyed the day off!

Here's what we did today....

In reading....we reviewed the elements of a fable and we reread the fable "The Lion and the Mouse."  We also reviewed the vocabulary words.  We worked in word work centers and we read the fairy tale "The Three Billy Goats Gruff"

In grammar....we worked on compound words and we reviewed common and proper nouns.

In math....we worked on even and odd numbers and on counting by 3s and 4s.  We are nearing the end of the chapter and I am planning to have the Chapter 2 test next Thursday (October 25)  A hard copy of the review is going home in today's folder. 

In religion...we started to learn about the sacrament of Confirmation.

In science....we read a Scholastic News Magazine about spiders.  We also read the labeled parts of the spider on a diagram. 


Spelling- test tomorrow

Math - even and odd worksheet

Reading- read for ten minutes

Chapter 2 Review

Dear Parents – On Thursday, October 25, the second grade will have their second math test. 
Here is a review sheet so you can help prepare your child for the test.

1.      Place Value – ones place, tens place – writing in expanded form.
Example 47 in expanded form is 40+7
2.     Writing number words – example  23 – twenty three
3.    Putting numbers in order from greatest to smallest and smallest to greatest
4.    Putting numbers in order/fill in the missing numbers
Example:  34, 35, 36, ___, ____, 39, ____
5.    Even and odd number
6.    Rounding to the nearest 10
7.    Estimating
8.    Word Problems

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Good Afternoon!

Here's what we did today....

In reading...we read a decodable book and answered comprehension questions...we read in reading groups with Mrs. Potter...we reviewed the elements of a fable

In grammar....we discussed plural possessive nouns and compound words.

In religion....we finished the chapter on Baptism.

In math...we worked on rounding to the nearest ten.  This can be difficult because it is a totally new concept to the students and we will continue to work on it throughout the week.


Spelling- sentences for words 1-6, test Friday, spelling city

Math- p 24

Reading - Five Gifts for Mike

No School tomorrow
Book Orders due Friday
Please return field trip forms and money if you haven't done so already

Monday, October 15, 2018

Good Afternoon!

This is what we did today.....

In reading.... we read "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs."  This story is told from the point of view of the wolf.  We discussed point of view and wrote a responses to literature about whether or not we believed the wolf and why.  We also learned about fables.  We discussed how they are similar to fairy tales- they can also have animals as characters and those animals often speak- but they are different because they usually teach a lesson.  We read the fable, "The Lion and the Mouse."  We discussed the new vocabulary words- furious, raged, snoozing, gnaw and repay.

In spelling....we took a pretest and wrote the words correctly in our spelling books.

In math....we learned about how to put double digit numbers in order from least to greatest and greatest to least.

In social studies....we worked on map skills.  We learned about a compass and a key on a map.


Spelling- write words 3 times each, spelling city, test Friday

Math- p 23

Reading- read for 10 minutes


No school Wednesday
If you haven't returned field trip money and permission slip please do so as soon as possible.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Tag Day

Tag Day Tomorrow

$2 for breast cancer awareness - please wear pink
( boys can wear red or purple)

Today we had the most amazing day.  We did a STEM project today.  STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math.  To go with our Fairy Tale unit, today we worked in groups to build the Three Little pigs' houses....only we wanted them all to withstand the huff and puff of the Big Bad Wolf (aka my blow dryer.)
One group build a house of straw....using straws.  One group build a house of sticks.....using toothpicks.  One group build a house of bricks....using sugar cubes.  The students were all allowed to use other materials along with their one mandatory material.
I am happy to report that ALL three houses stood to blow of the dryer- on both low and high speed.  When we finished we talked about what we learned about being an engineer and what we learned from the are some responses...

  • you have to work as a team
  • you have to try different ideas
  • it was harder than we expected
  • you have to measure
  • tape is stronger than glue when the glue is still wet
  • be creative
  • don't give up
When we finished the project we completed a "lab" report which you will find in today's folder.

In math today we worked on expanded form and on greater than, less than and equal to.


Spelling test tomorrow
Math p 22
Reading- Read for ten minutes

**  Please wear winter uniforms Monday (Monday only ) for picture day....summer uniforms can otherwise be worn until November 1.
** Tell someone what you learned today :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Good Afternoon!

Here's what we did today...

October is Fire Safety Month.  Today the Oradell Fire Department payed us a visit.  We had a fire drill and then spent time with the firemen learning about their truck and fire safety.

In reading....we reread "The Elves and the Shoemaker" and went over the vocabulary words.  We also read a decodable book and answered comprehension questions.

In grammar.....we started to learn about possessive nouns.

In math....we worked on word problems and also place value.  Today I taught the class a "trick" about how to figure out the value of a digit in a number....ask them if they remember :)

In religion....we read a book about being kind entitles "How Full is Your Bucket." The book explains that we we do good deeds and act kindly it is good for both us and the person we interact with.

Monday is class picture day.  Please wear winter uniform on this day- not gym uniform. 

If you have paper towel or toilet paper rolls or empty tissue boxes please send them in tomorrow.


Spelling- sentences 7-12, spelling city
Math- p21
Reading- A Great Day at the Lake

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Good Afternoon!

This is what we did today....

In Reading.....we talked about what we already knew about the story "The Three Pigs" and then we read a different version..."The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig."  We compared and contrasted the two stories.  We also continue to read our poem of the week during morning routines.

In grammar.....we learned about using commas between nouns when writing them in a series,

In math.....we learned about using number words from twenty all the way to ninety nine.

In religion....we spent a lot of time talk about Baptism today and specifically about how through Baptism we become children of God and members of the Church

** Help Needed** I know this is very short notice but we will be doing a project on Thursday....if you have paper towel rolls/toilet paper rolls ( the cardboard only) or empty tissue boxes please send them in tomorrow or Thursday.


Spelling- sentences 1-6, spelling city
Math - p 20
Reading- Read for 20 minutes

Monday, October 8, 2018

Good Afternoon!

Here's what we did today...

In reading.... we did a shared reading of our new poem of the week "The Crocodile's Toothache," by Shel Silverstein.  It's another funny one :)  We also started our fairy tale unit.  As a class and with partners with read the story "The Elves and the Shoemaker." 

In spelling....we took a pretest on the new words.  All of the words focus on one of two skills- long vowels or double letters at the end.

In math....we started chapter 2 which focuses on place value.  Today we focused on recognizing that ten ones is equal to one ten.

In religion.....we continue to learn about the good works of Saint Francis.


Spelling - write the words 3 times each, spelling city, test Friday

Math - p 19

Reading - read for ten minutes

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Good Afternoon :)

Here's what we did today....

In reading....we read the story "For the Love of Our Earth" and reviewed the vocabulary words.  Then we did a worksheet on the vocabulary words and linked science in with reading by creating posters on how to care for the Earth.  Students used the vocabulary words to describe their posters.

In grammar...we continue to discuss singular and plural we talked about irregular nouns ( like mouse/mice, man/men)

In math....we reviewed for the test...we practiced adding more that two digits, fact families and word problems. 

In region...we learned about Saint is his feast day.

In social studies we read a Scholastic News magazine about Firefighting - October is Fire Safety Month


Math- Test tomorrow
Spelling- Test tomorrow
Religion- Baptism paper due tomorrow if you have't already handed it in

Calendar error - the calendar says that school is closed on October 18- this is an is closed October 17 ( for teacher professional development)....School is open the 18th!!!

Noon Dismissal Tomorrow

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Good Evening!

Here's what we did today...

This morning we started word work centers!  We played phonics games today but I look forward to adding different activities to  the time block.

In reading....we reviewed the vocabulary words reread "Because of You", read a decodable book as a whole group, independently and with partners, answered comprehension questions and worked on comprehension strategies in small reading groups.

In grammar.....we worked on common and proper nouns and plural nouns.

In math....we reviewed for the test...we worked specifically on finding the missing number and finding and continuing patterns.  A hard copy of the test review went home today.  This was also posted to the blog last week.

In religion....we continue to work on the seven sacraments.


Spelling - sentences 7-12, test Friday, spelling city

Math- p13

Religion- baptism paper

Have a great night :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Good Afternoon!

Here's what we did today.....

In reading we reread the story "For the Love of Our Earth"  We also reviewed the vocabulary words.  We read with partners and we went "book shopping" for new independent reading books.  I also took two more reading groups.

In grammar we worked on proper nouns - specifically the days of the week, months and abbreviations/initials.

In math we worked on word problems.  We created charts with "key words" that help us to choose the operation.  We also discussed that drawing a picture often helps to solve a word problem.

In religion we continue to work on the seven sacraments.  We will begin to really focus on baptism now - hence the homework.

We read the story "What Does it Mean to be Kind?" as part of the Week of Respect.

Today we also read a Halloween book brought in by Rylend :)


Spelling - sentences 1-6, test Friday, spelling city

Math- p 12

Religion - Baptism worksheet

Monday, October 1, 2018

Good Afternoon!!!  We had the most productive day today!

Here's what we did.....

In reading, we read the decodable book, "The Mole Zone."  We also answered comprehension question.  We did a shared reading of the poem of the week "The Silver Fish."  Be sure to ask your child about this very funny Shel Silverstein poem.  I took reading groups, and we not only continued to read our early chapter books, but we also played a phonics game using blends and digraphs!  We read a new story in our text books, "For the Love of Our Earth," and we defined the new vocabulary words - dawn, engines,glows, witness and litter.

In spelling we took a spelling preset and corrected the words.  We practiced our new words on spelling city using the Ipads.

In math we worked on patterns in addition and subtraction.  We will have a math test Friday.  The review was posted on the blog last week and a hard copy will go home this week.  Please use quizzes from test folder to help study/prepare.

In religion we talked about the day Jesus rode to Jerusalem the week before his death and resurrection.  We read the gospel story from the book of Matthew and discussed that this is Palm Sunday.

This week in the national "Week of Respect."  We will be talking all week about respecting others, being kind and considering others.  Today we read "Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun."  This is a story about treating others the way in which you wish to be treated.

Friday is a half day - 10:30 mass all are welcome
Monday- half day, no aftercare
October 18 No School for students


Spelling- write words 3 times each, spelling city
Math- p 11
Reading "The Mole Zone"

Friday, September 28, 2018

Good Afternoon!

Here's what we did today....

In math we worked on math facts.

In religion we talked about the seven sacraments.

In reading we discussed character traits and them compared and contrasted characters from Kevin Henkes books. 

In writing and science we talked about the many things that happen during the fall...such as:

  • longer days/shorter nights
  • animals migrate
  • animals prepare to hibernate by eating a lot
  • the leaves change color and fall
  • we rake and play in the leaves
  • many farmers harvest crops such as apples and pumpkins
  • holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving
We talked about it, read about watched a clip on the computer about it and then we wrote about it!!

We did all that and we went to Spanish class too.

Have a wonderful weekend!

* Students did take their spelling test today.  I handed it back for them to see so they will beable to tell you how they did but I will not return it until I send the test folder again.

Next week -

Friday noon dismissal - First Friday - 10:30 mass- all are welcome
Monday, Columbus Day, October 8 - noon dismissal  No Aftercare
Wednesday October 10 Pizza Lunch
October 18, 2018 - Teacher PD Day- No School for students
Week of October 29 - Book Fair

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Good Afternoon!

Here's what we did today.....

Reading:  We reviewed the vocabulary of the week, reread the story "Because of You,"  read the decodable book "Kate's Picnic" and answered comprehension questions....we also did reading groups and read Chapter 2 of "Flat Stanley"

Math - We reviewed fact families and we learned two different ways to find the missing addend in a number sentence (7+ ____ = 11)  One was is to subtract and the other is to "count on" from the number 7 (in this case)

Social Studies - We read a "Scholastic News" magazine and discussed the three types of communities - We didn't have time to answer the questions on the back.  Students were told they can choose to answer the questions tonight and I will give them a sticker for doing it- but it is not required

Grammar - We continued to learn about proper nouns.  We spoke specifically about places and holidays.


Spelling - write your words 2 times, test tomorrow, go on spelling city
Math - p10
Reading - "Kate's Picnic"

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Good Afternoon

We had a wonderful day today!  In reading we started our first story from the new text book - "Because of You."  We also learned the vocabulary words that go with the story- care, kind, precious, feelings and share.  In addition, we started the chapter book, "Flat Stanley."  In grammar we worked on common nouns and proper nouns.  In math we worked on using addition to correct our subtraction. In religion we talked about how we can be like Jesus.  We also got some time on SpellingCity to work on our spelling words.

Test folders went home today.  There are two math papers in the folder.  I generally suggest saving these to help to study for the test.  Please empty the folder, sign and return.


Spelling - sentences 7-12, test Friday, spelling city
Math  - p9
Reading - Read for 10 minutes

Reminder Friday is a 12 dismissal

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Good Afternoon

We had a great day today.  We were very busy.  In reading, we read the decodable book "The Red Star" and answered comprehension questions.  We also started reading groups with Mrs. Potter.  I will work in small groups with the students every day.  I try to see a minimum of two groups per day.  In grammar, we finished the chapter on types of sentences and sentence structure.  In math we worked on word problems and related facts - addition and subtraction.  We are more than half way through the chapter and I anticipate the chapter test will be next week.  I will let you know the date and I will post the review on the blog and send it home.  In science we sorted solids, liquids and gases. 

A big shout out to those students who went on spelling city last night!!! Great job!!!
It was a great day!


Spelling- sentences 1-6, spelling city, test Friday
Math - p 8, test next week
Reading- "The Red Star"

Chapter 1 Review

Here is a review sheet so you can help prepare your child for the test.

1 – Practice your addition and subtraction with numbers up to 19.
2 – Practice doubles facts.
      Example: 4+4=     5+5=
3- Practice adding more than two numbers (3 and 4 addends.)
      Example: 3+6+7+1=
4 – Fact Families
      Example: 2+3=5, 3+2=5, 5-3=2, 5-2=3
5 – Finding patterns
      Example: 1+3=4, 2+2= 4, 1+3=4
6- Word problems
7- Find the missing number
    Example 3+___=7

Monday, September 24, 2018

Good Afternoon

We had a very productive day in second grade today.  We added a few things to our morning routine - including practicing sight words.  Today we read 90 words!  In reading, we read the Kevin Henkes book "Wemberly Worried," and then we made test to self connections. In grammar, we worked on the prepositions before, and after and the conjunctions because and so. In math, we worked on related subtraction facts.  In religion, we worked on the ways we can be like Jesus and teach others about Jesus.

Spelling- write words 3 times each, Test Friday, go on (user name sare this pattern SophiaP2018)
Math - p7
Reading - 10 minutes

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Good Afternoon!

We had a great day today.  In reading we read "Chester's Way " by Kevin Henkes and we continued to work on sequencing.  We also talked about "setting" and author's purpose.  In grammar we learned about the "naming" and "action" parts of a sentence.  We also learned about the conjunctions - and, or and but.  In math we worked on subtraction.  In science we talked about matter and solid, liquids and gases.

No Homework today

Back to School Night 7 pm

Tomrrow is the last call for book orders

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Good Evening

We had a wonderful day today.  In reading we worked on the comprehension skill of sequencing.  We had another Kevin Henkes book and then sequenced the events.  Then we wrote about what we want to be when we grow up ( as the main character in the book did.)  In grammar we continued to learn about exclaiming and asking sentences.  In math we added three and four numbers in a column.  Today I introduced the students to a website I use in the classroom and as part of homework- spelling city.  Students can use it to practice their spelling words.  I will provide details tomorrow night at back to school night.  If you want to go on the page and look at it tonight it is -  Every child's user name is their first name and last initial plus 2018- for example: SophiaP2018  The password is potter


Spelling - sentences 7-12
Reading - read for 10 minutes

Book orders are due tomorrow- but if you have questions I can wait until Friday to place the order

Back to School Night tomorrow 7 pm

Spelling City

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Good Afternoon

We had a very busy day today!  In reading we read a new decodable book, answered questioned, did a shred reading and read a poem! We also read a Kevin Henkes book - "Owen." In grammar we worked on asking and exclaiming sentences.  In math we started to add three digits.  This can take time to get used to, so extra practice at home is a good idea.  You will see it as homework soon. We read a Kevin Henkes book - "Owen."  We also did a Scholastic News magazine.


Spelling- write sentences for the first 6 words
Math p 6
Reading "The Contest"

Book Orders due Thursday
Back to School Night Thursday 7 pm

Monday, September 17, 2018

Good Afternoon!

We had a great day today.  In reading we read a new decodable book and answered compression questions in complete sentences.  We also read the book "Down the Hill" and discussed vocabulary words.  In math we continue to work on double facts.  Students should begin to memorize these - 2+2=4, 3+3=6 etc.  In religion we discussed the miracles of Jesus. 

Students brought home book orders today  - please see information posted below.


Spelling- Write words 3 times each ( no test this week)
Math- p 5
Reading - "Mitts and Hits"

                                                                                                            September 2018

Dear Parents,
Attached you will find a Scholastic book order.  If you wish to order books, please complete the form and return it to me by Thursday, September 20, 2018.  If you wish to pay with a check, please have it written out to Scholastic Reading Club.  You can also choose to place your order online by going to and then using our class code.  The code is:  PBGW3
If you do place the order online, please jot me a note so that I can check to make sure that it has been placed with our class.

Thank You,

Mrs. Potter

Friday, September 14, 2018

 Good Afternoon!!


We did every subject today - using apples!! We read about apples in reading.  In science we tasted apples, learned about the parts of the apple and labeled them and we learned how the apple changed from a solid to sauce while making applesauce.  In math, we tallied and graphed out favorite apples. In social studies, we learned all about Johnny Appleseed.  After we learned about him, we wrote about him and did a craft.  In writing we wrote the steps for "How to Make Applesauce."  And finally, in religion we read the story of Adam and Eve.
It was an extremely busy and fun day!
We did so much work and we hope to get it up on display before you come to Back to School Night next Thursday.

I hope to see you all at the carnival this weekend :)

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Good Afternoon

We had a fabulous day today!  In reading we read the story "Down the Hill," which was quite funny.  We also discussed both fiction and realistic fiction books.  While "Down the Hill," id a Frog and Toad book it is just fiction.  We read "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad, Day" as an example of realistic fiction and then we compared the two.  In grammar we talked about commanding sentences.
In math we added "doubles" facts and we made flashcards to go use for practice with doubles facts.
In science, we talked about more apples.


Spelling - write words 2x each
Math - p 4
Reading - read for ten minutes - please read the book from yesterday that we left in our mailboxes by accident

Please bring three apples to school tomorrow- one yellow, one red, one green

Thanks you!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Good Evening!

We had a great day in second grade!

In reading we read our first decodable book - which I sent home today.  Students should read it as part of their homework then keep it at home.  We also started our comprehension notebooks where we answer comprehension questions about books we have read.  We continue to review the habits of good readers. In grammar we learned about "telling sentences." In math we worked on adding to 20  and using "make ten" as a strategy for adding.  We continue to work on the apple unit in science.  Today we wrote about the life cycle of an apple.

In regards to the cancelled trip.  I am sorry that I had to cancel it- I know many were disappointed.  I told the students today that instead we will have a super fun celebration of apples in the classroom.  We will make applesauce, taste test apples, learn about Johnny appleseed, do tally charts and graphs and tons of fun hands on learning.  In an effort to help me with this can you please -

1- let me know if your child cannot -for ANY reason - eat apples.  If there is an allergy I am unaware of please let me know.

2- please send in three apples each ( one red, one yellow, one green)

3- if you could send an extra apple or two that would also be very helpful but not necessary.


Spelling- sentences 7-12
Math -p 3
Reading - "Sand, Tan Hats and a Mat." ( Please read the book at home and keep it ay home.)

Thank You!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018



It will be a regular school day.
Good Afternoon!

We had a wonderful day in second grade today!!! 

We were very busy in reading!!  We talked about all the people we know who are good readers and we discussed what makes them good readers.  We talked about all the habits good readers have.  These habits include - predicting, visualizing, inferring, using strategies for unknown words, making connections, reading with fluency and staying "In The Zone" or focused.  While the students may not be able to explain all of these strategies today - we will use all of them throughout the year.  We read two different versions of "Little Red Riding Hood."  We read the traditional one and a very silly version.  Then we compared the stories.  We also practiced reading with partners.  In grammar we continued to work on writing in complete sentences using a capital and an end mark.  Today in math we worked on two specific strategies for adding - counting up and using the number line.  In religion we learned about the Holy Family.  We talked about Jesus being God's greatest gift to us.  We also learned that Jesus was human and therefore, like us in many ways.  In science we learned about the seasons and parts of an apple tree.

Please check your child's folder for a very important change to our trip on Friday.  We will now meet AT the farm rather than take a school bus.


Spelling - write a sentence for the first 6 words ( in spelling notebook) ** There will be no spelling tests until after back to school night

Math - page 2

Reading - read for 10 minutes

Please send corrected amounts for the trip.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Good Afternoon!!

We had another very successful day in second grade.  Today in writing we wrote about our weekends in our writing journals.  In reading we practiced new words and did a shared reading of the poem "Apples, Apples."  In grammar we discussed and worked on writing in complete sentences.  We practiced remembering to use a capital and an end mark.  In math we worked on related facts.  All that and we went to church too!!!
It was a great first full day!

Students do have homework today.  I try to post the homework every day after school on the blog in the event that someone forgets to bring home the homework notebook or is absent.


Spelling - Write each word 3 times

Math- page 1

Reading - Read for 10 minutes

Field trip forms are in red folders for Friday.  Please return ASAP.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Good Evening!!!

We had a wonderful first week in second grade :)

Next week will begin a week of full days and regular schedules.  Our specials schedule is:

Monday - Gym
Tuesday - Art
Wednesday - Library/Computers
Thursday - Music
Friday - World Language

Please wear gym uniform and sneakers on Mondays.

As of Monday, students may order hot lunch.  Please send any lunch money in an envelope with the child's name and what he/she would like to eat ( there are two options every day.)  The calendar for lunch can be found on the school website.

If your child is going to after care please either make sure they know they are going or write me a note- especially if they don't generally attend.  Also- please let me know when someone different is picking your child up.

Monday we will also have an opening mass at 10:30.  All are welcome.

All About Me posters/papers are due Monday ( if they haven't been handed in already.)  Also, please hand in summer packets by Monday if you haven't handed that in yet.

Our trip to the farm is Friday.  Permission slips will go home on Monday.

I hope you have a relaxing weekend and look forward to seeing everyone on Monday.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Good Afternoon!!
Day 2 went great!

FYI - The note that went home about Disney on Ice was simply to get a head count for parents.  We have reserved seats for the students.  We need to reserve seats for the parents.  We want to reserve the right number of seats, which is why we sent home the note and requested that the parents pay for the seats now.  The cost p/adult is $20.  The information regarding students will come home soon- including permissions slips and cost p/child which will include the bus.

If you have ANY questions please feel free to reach out to me :)

Tomorrow is a half day dismissal - there is aftercare.

Reminder Monday is full day and we have mass at 10:30 - all are welcome.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018


We had a great first day in second grade today!!!!!

Everyone had fun and we were so busy.  We took a tour of the school ( just want to make sure we remember how to find everything!), went to computer class, got our supplies organized and even did some math.  We ended the day with one of my favorite books, "Dragons Love Tacos."

A few odds and ends to let you know about.

The red folder is the "Home Folder."  It will come home every day.  Please try to look in it every night for any notices/communication from myself or from the school.  Students will also put the their spelling and homework notebooks in this folder.  All homework in written in the homework notebook but spelling work is completed in the spelling notebook.

I strongly encourage you to check the blog every night.  I make every effort to post before the end of the school day.  You can even get the update emailed to you.  IF you need help setting that up please reach out to me and I will help you.

There is a lot of information in the folders today.

The most import information is :

We are going on a field trip ( apple picking) next Friday.  Permission slips will be coming home soon.

We are going to Disney on Ice in November.  Parents are welcome, however I need a head count by Monday to reserve the seats.  Please let me know if you would like to come and send the $20 no later than Monday.

Gym is on Mondays this year :)

I hope everyone had a great day.  See you tomorrow - we will line up in the yard again at 8 am.

Thanks for the all the supplies and for handing in the summer work!!!

Monday, June 11, 2018


Math - p131

Tomorrow is a tag day - $2
Please wear either purple or Relay for Life gear

Reminder- tomorrow is the last full day of school
Noon dismissal Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
No aftercare Friday

Friday, June 8, 2018

Seed Investigations

Today we started some seed investigations!  We read the book "Fruit is a Suitcase for Seeds"  and then we cut open some fruits and vegetables and pulled out the seeds.  We did things like- comparing the size and shapes of the seeds.  We discussed the following questions - Does the size of the food determine the size of the seed? Does the size of the food determine the number of seeds?  And all while we did this investigation we were learning....and not just science, as one student yelled out, "Hey, Mrs. Potter, we are doing math too!!" :)

Special Thanks to Mr. Young who picked up these fruits and veggies for me !

Enjoy some picture- have a great weekend!

Next week-

Full days Monday and Tuesday- Half Days Wednesday , Thursday and Friday.