Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Good Evening

We had a great, healthy day!

Thank you to all that sent in pictures of food today.

Tomorrow we will share our saint reports.  Students MAY but are NOT REQUIRED to dress as their saint.  We will do this in the morning.  Students should wear the costume over their uniform so that it can easily be removed for the remainder of the day.


Cursive - practice your name

* Some students are having trouble with the letters a, g, d, o... rather than going part of the way to the right then down to the left, they are doing full circles to the right....( I hope this makes sense)...please watch your child as he/she is writing in cursive so as to help me correct this.  I sat individually with every child today working on the names and tried to correct this but it will take some time, as they are still learning.

Thank you :)

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Good Afternoon!

What an exciting day!  We had tons of "Willy Wonka" fun and the volleyball game DID NOT disappoint! (It was a tie 1 game teachers, 1 game grade8:) )

There is no homework written today, however I did ask the class to try to bring in some pictures of food tomorrow.  The pictures can be of any food and either be cut from a magazine or printed from the computer.  Three each would be great.  They did not have time to write this because the game went to the very end of the day.

Tomorrow is healthy living day - gym uniforms and sneakers.

I would love any donations of clorox wipes, tissues and lysol.  Thank you to those who have sent it- I appreciate the help!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Good Afternoon!

Happy Catholic Schools Week!

We had a "whale of a day" today :)

Make sure you ask your child about the blubber experiment we did today!


~Saint projects were due today, please send them in tomorrow

~Friday is a half day - there is no after care....10:30 mass- all are welcome

~I am still accepting donations of tissues, clorox wipes and lysol spray - if you can send them in I would really appreciate it

~Tomorrow is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Day - we will watch the movie and wear pajamas.  We will also have hot chocolate

~There is no homework today :)

Thursday, January 25, 2018


Spelling - write words 2 times, test tomorrow

Math - practice facts with flashcards

Religion - saint project due Monday

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Good Morning

We have had a very busy week.  Our new story is "Jalapeno Bagels."  Our vocabulary words are: culture, international, ingredients, dough and jalapeno. In math we continue to work on borrowing in subtraction and multi step word problems.  We have really gotten into our whale unit!  Yesterday we discussed killer whales and we even measured out how long they are - 20 feet!  Today we will focus on humpback whales.


Spelling - Sentences 8-14

Math - p 65

Religion - Saint project is due Monday

Here is our Catholic Schools Week Schedule:

January 29 - February 2, 2018

Monday –  A Whale of a Day
Today we will do all learning through the thematic unit of whales. 
Tuesday- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Day/Pajama Day
Today we will celebrate having read the book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”  We will have hot chocolate, watch the movie (will it be as good as the book?) and wear our pajamas.
Wednesday- Healthy Living Day
Today we will discuss all the different ways we can keep our bodies healthy.  Students may wear gym uniform and sneakers
Thursday – Namesake Saint Day
Tell us about your favorite saint!  On this day, the students will share reports they have written about their favorite saint.  Students should choose the saint for which they are named or they can pick any saint they like.  Students are allowed- though not required- to dress as their saint that day (over uniform.)
Friday- Super Bowl Party

Come to school wearing your favorite football/sports jersey or colors!        12:00 Dismissal Faculty/Staff appreciation lunch. NO AFTERCARE.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Good Afternoon

We have had a very busy day!  We have started our Whale Unit.  The students learned important facts about whales already today!  They learned that whales are mammals and breathe air.  We also discussed what makes a mammal a mammal - having a vertebrate, drinking mother's milk, born alive (not an egg), having hair, breathing air/lungs and being warm blooded.  In math we did adding in a chain.  We reread "In the Money" in the reading.   We practiced cursive letter "p." 


Spelling - word 2 times each, spelling city

Reading - "In the Money"

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Hi :)

We had a great day today!  In math we worked on using addition to check our subtraction and rewriting horizontal problems vertically.  In reading we reviewed the constabulary words for our story (which we looked up n the glossary independently yesterday!) and read a new story "In the Money."  We worked on the verbs saw, seen and give, given in grammar.  Mrs. Kennedy visited with us during religion to go over how Penance will go for those receiving this Saturday.


Spelling - write sentences 1-7, spelling city

Math- pg 61

Students in the lego group for tomorrow during luch CAN bring their own legos but DO NOT have to.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Girl Scouts

Brownie Meeting

Tomorrow - 2:45-4 pm

Mrs. Potter's Classroom

If you have not yet registered/and or brought in $20 dues please do so now.  The cookie sales will go home tomorrow and you cannot sell the cookies with registering!
Good Afternoon!

We had a great day today!  In reading we read the decodable book " How to Make a Leaf Print" and answered questions.  In grammar we talked about verbs that tell us something is happening right now.  We practiced letters "h" and "k" in cursive.  We also had a wonderful lesson on Martin Luther King Jr., which we  linked to how to be a good friend.  We also had a visited from Mrs. Kennedy.  We talked about Penance, practiced the song, and got the Traveling Mary bags - which will go home staring tomorrow.  When the bag goes home, you should keep it for five days then return it.  there are directions in the bag.  Please try not to lose anything in the bag, as these are the only 2 we have for the class.


Spelling - write words 2 times, test tomorrow

Math - p 60

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Good Evening!

We had a wonderful day today!  In math we worked on borrowing and we did a project with it - which is now hanging on the bulletin board outside our classroom.  We also learned a poem about how to decide if you have to borrow.  We worked very hard on our writing today.  Almost everyone finished publishing and illustrating their snowy day stories.


Spelling - sentences 8-13, spelling city

Math - page 59

Cursive - letter k

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Good Afternoon!

We had a great day today.  In reading we read the decodable book "Try My Pie" and answered comprehension questions in complete sentences.  We did cursive letter "j" - a hard one!  In math we continued to work on regrouping in subtraction.  Some students are having a hard time deciding when they actually do/don't have to regroup.  You may want to work on this at home.  In religion we continue to discuss the Eucharist and the Last Supper.  We read the book "The Snowy Day" and started to write stories about what we did on our snow days.  We have been learning two things specifically - how to use a "hook" or great first sentences to grab the reader and how to use descriptive language.  Today we talked about using your senses to describe the snow.


Spelling - write first 7 sentences, spelling city
Math - p 58
Cursive - letter "f" - this is one of the hardest, so some students may need help

Monday, January 8, 2018

Good Evening!

I truly apologize for the late post....(again :( )

We had such a great day today!  In math we learned how to regroup in subtraction (borrowing.)  It was such a big deal and the students are so happy to learn such a big thing!  In religion we started the chapter on the celebration of the Eucharist.  The students who are receiving First Penance met with the priests today to go over their prayers and the meaning of sin - everyone did great!  In grammar we learned about helping verbs.  We wrote about what we did on our snow days and we also went book shopping!  In social studies, we talked about the three different types of communities- rural, urban and suburban.


Math - page 75
Spelling  - write three times each- ( we are using the same list though I added three more words)
Cursive- letters "b" and "h"

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Important Reminder

Hi Parents -

I would like to remind everyone that, as far as I know, the students that are receiving First Penance will be meeting with the priests on Monday, January 8, 2018.

The Penance Book is DUE MONDAY, JANUARY 8, 2018.

Also- I generally explain to the class what the meeting will be like, however with the snow days I didn't get the chance to do this.  They will be asked to say the following prayers:

Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be
Act of Contrition

They may also be asked if they know what sin is....we have discussed this at length so they should know, but if they need reminding - sin is doing something that is wrong, when you know that it is wrong, but do it anyway.
Please review these few items with your child before Monday.

Thanks ! Hope you enjoyed the snow days.

Stay Warm!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Good Evening!
(Sorry to be a little late)

We had a great day today- we were ever so busy!  In reading we read the decodable book "Meet the Firefighters" and answered comprehension questions.  We also read "Red Light Green Light Mama and M."  Both stories fit in nicely with our discussions about communities.  In grammar we reviewed action verbs and also discussed past tense verbs and the verbs "have and has."  We did a Scholastic News Magazine on the different traditions around the world for New Years Eve!  In math we talked about different ways to make a number (ie 12-2 and 5+5 both make 10)  In cursive we learned the letter "k." and yesterday we did "f."  Both of these are among the hardest letters- so expect one homework related to that next week.  I am trying to limit the homework assignments this week so as to provide some extra time to finish the First Penance book which is due Monday, January 8.  Lastly, we also went to computer lab where we worked on both spelling city and get epic!  We were very busy!


Spelling- sentences 1-5

Reading- "Meet the Firefighters"

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year!!!!

Welcome Back!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful vacation!  I would like to take a moment to thank you for all the lovely gifts you sent!  It was so kind of you to think of me !

We started 2018 off on the right foot here in second grade!!!  We were very busy today.  In reading we started a new unit!  All of the stories in the unit will link to communities...which is what we will be working on in social studies.  Today we talked about who and what is in our community.  We discussed the following vocabulary words:  automatically, practice, public, recognize and perch.  We took a spelling pretest - you will see that all of the words have different long i spelling patterns.  You will also notice that there are only 10 words this week- that is because we have a short week. In math we started double digit subtraction!!!  We did it without regrouping. 

A few important notes....

~First Penance books are due Monday, January 8, 2018 (next Monday)

~ We are running very low on tissues, Clorox wipes and Lysol spray....I try to minimize germs as best I can....if you can send these item I would greatly appreciate it!!

~ Friday is a half day.  10:30 mass - all welcome

~ As winter is in full swing now - please be sure that you are signed up for the Honeywell announcements in the event of a closure or delay.  You can also check the school website for the latest information regarding inclement weather or Channel 2 News.


Spelling - write words 3 times each, spellingcity

Math- page 54