Thursday, April 19, 2018

Good Afternoon!

We had a great day today :)
We took our math test for Chapter 8 and will begin Chapter 9 tomorrow.  Chapter 9 is on adding and subtracting in the 100s and it will involve regrouping twice ( just to give you an idea of what is coming.)  We read "Dragons and Giants" and we talked about the many components of the story that make it a fantasy ( animals that talk, wear clothes, have homes with furniture and read books.)  We also talked about the parts that are realistic ( the food chain - snakes and hawks do eat frogs and toads.)  We also reviewed the vocabulary words.  In grammar we worked on words that compare- big, bigger, and biggest.  We talked a lot about the sun today!  They should be able to tell you a few fun facts that we learned!

Reading- "Dragons and Giants"
Spelling- 2 times each, test tomorrow

Communion Books are due next Wednesday :)

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