Friday, September 28, 2018

Good Afternoon!

Here's what we did today....

In math we worked on math facts.

In religion we talked about the seven sacraments.

In reading we discussed character traits and them compared and contrasted characters from Kevin Henkes books. 

In writing and science we talked about the many things that happen during the fall...such as:

  • longer days/shorter nights
  • animals migrate
  • animals prepare to hibernate by eating a lot
  • the leaves change color and fall
  • we rake and play in the leaves
  • many farmers harvest crops such as apples and pumpkins
  • holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving
We talked about it, read about watched a clip on the computer about it and then we wrote about it!!

We did all that and we went to Spanish class too.

Have a wonderful weekend!

* Students did take their spelling test today.  I handed it back for them to see so they will beable to tell you how they did but I will not return it until I send the test folder again.

Next week -

Friday noon dismissal - First Friday - 10:30 mass- all are welcome
Monday, Columbus Day, October 8 - noon dismissal  No Aftercare
Wednesday October 10 Pizza Lunch
October 18, 2018 - Teacher PD Day- No School for students
Week of October 29 - Book Fair

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