Thursday, November 29, 2018


Spelling- Test Tomorrow

Math- p 46

Reading - "Meet the Bats"

Cursive- worksheet

Book Orders Due Tomorrow

We were so busy today!!!  In reading we read the decodable book "Meet the Bats."  Then we answered comprehension questions and did literacy centers.  In math we worked on word problems with hidden information like the words "dozen" or "double."  We also worked on adding double digit numbers.  In religion we spoke about the New Testament.  We learned the cursive letter "t."  In grammar we worked on helping verbs and being verbs. :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Good Evening!!! may have was a BIG day in second grade because we started cursive!!!  Very exciting!!!!  We also did double digit addition with regrouping for the first time!!!  In reading we continue to learn about the features of nonfiction.  We had a special presentation on bike safety today too!


Math - p 45

Spelling- sentences 7-12

Reading- read for ten minutes

Book Orders due Friday

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Good Afternoon


Spelling- sentences 1-6

Math- p 43 and 44

Reading- read 10 minutes

Book Orders Due Friday

Monday, November 26, 2018

Good Afternoon!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!


Spelling- 3 times each, test Friday

Reading- read for ten minutes

Book Orders due Friday

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Good Afternoon!

We had such a wonderful, special day!

Thank you to everyone who came to the prayer service and the publishing party today.

I was SO proud of all of the students...they did a wonderful job on both counts.

Tomorrow is a half day.  No Aftercare

Math Test Chapter 3 tomorrow

Book Orders due 11/29

Monday, November 19, 2018

Good Afternoon

Here's what we did today....

In reading...we read "If You Find a Rock."  We also went book shopping for nonfiction books as we continue to learn about nonfiction books and their features.

In writing...we practiced our fairy tales for tomorrow

In math....we reviewed for the test on Wednesday

In social studies ....we read a Scholastic News about the Wampanoag comminity

We also went over to church to practice for tomorrow's prayer service.


No Spelling this week

Math- p 40, Test Wednesday

Religion- Family Life p13

Reading- Read for ten minutes


Fairy Tale Publishing party tomorrow at 8:20/30 in my room

Thanksgiving Prayer Service 2 pm upper church

Book Orders due on November 29 (if you would like to order books as gift I can help get them to you without your child knowing....just give me a heads up)

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Good Afternoon

We had a great day today.

Here's what we did....

In reading....we read a decodable book and answered comprehension questions.  We also reviewed the elements of nonfiction and used to learn about reading nonfiction books.  We reread "If you Find a Rock."

In grammar....we learned about verbs that are "happening now" (ing words)

In math.... we reviewed line plots and rage, mode and median.

In religion.....we learned about the church year.

And....we read our fairy tales to the class!


Spelling- study for test tomorrow

Math - p39

Reading "Hit the Trail"

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Math Chapter 3 Review

Chapter 3 Review

1. Circle Charts. Students should know how to read it and answer simple
questions such as which color was the favorite/least favorite? How many
students chose blue? Which color got one more/less vote than purple?

2. Pictographs – The MOST IMPORTANT thing about the pictograph I have told
the students is to look at the key. If they are having trouble- before they
answer a question, they should do the math- get the totals for each section:

Favorite Pets

Dog O O O O ( 3+3+3+3 = 12 – they should write this right on the chart so they have
the totals to help answer the questions)

Cat O (3)
Fish O O (3+3=6)
Bird O O O ( 3+3+3=9)

KEY: Each O stands for 3 votes

They have to know how to answer questions such as –which was the most/least
popular? How many children chose dogs and birds? How many more children
chose birds than cats?

3. Range, Median and Mode – they need to know that when given a group of
numbers the first thing they do is put them in order from least to greatest, if a
number appears two or three times they must write it in the order that many

Example: Bill plays a game. His scores are 3, 7, 5, 9, 3.
The first thing they do put the numbers in order:


To get the range: largest number minus smallest 9-3=6 Range is 6

Mode is the number they see the most= 3
Median- the number in the middle = 5
To remind them I tell them MOde = MOst ( not the most value, what they see the most)


They also need to be able to get the mode and range using a line plot – same
thing range largest number minus smallest number and mode the number that

occurs the most.

4. How to use the data in a tally graph to create a bar graph.

5. Venn Diagrams. This is a chart with two overlapping circles. So they get see
a table that provides data – say Apples and Oranges. The table will provide

Snack Facts
Apples: Red, thin peel, fruit, grown on tree
Oranges :Grows on tree, orange, fruit, leathery rind
They need to use that chart to fill in the Venn Diagram.
The diagram is two overlapping circles. It will say Apples on the left circle
and Oranges on the right. To complete the diagram they write the apple only
characteristics left circle. The overlapping/common to both characteristics
in the middle where the circles overlap. Write the orange only

characteristics in the circle to the right.

Then be able to answer questions such as how many characteristics do they

share? How many characteristics are for apples only.
Good Evening!

Here's what we did today...

In reading...we read the nonfiction selection "If you find a Rock"  We reviewed the vocabulary words and we read to find information.  We also read the decodable book "A Good Deed at the Beach" and answered comprehension questions.

In grammar....we reviewed verbs in the past tense and learned about helping verbs

In math...we learned about line plots.  This is the one of the hardest concepts in the chapter.  Please remind students the MODE is not the number that IS the MOST but rather the number that comes up the MOST (has the most x )  It is confusing.  We also did Venn Diagrams- which we have done in reading before.  The chapter test will be on Wednesday, November 22.  I sent a detailed hard copy of the review home today.  I will post it on my blog, but please note, for some reason I cannot copy the Venn Diagram sit's best to have the hard copy too.

We finished our fairy tales!!!!!!!  We cannot wait to share with you :)


Spelling- sentences 7-12, spelling city, test Friday

Math- p 38

Reading- "A Good Deed at the Beach"

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Math- p 37

Spelling- 3 times each to sentences 1-6- depending on what you did yesterday

Reading- read for 10 minutes

Pizza Lunch tomorrow

Monday, November 12, 2018

Good Afternoon

We had a great day today!

Here's what we did...

In reading....we talked about elements of nonfiction, specifically captions.  We read the book "Ants!"

In math....we worked on reading graphs and on range, median and mode.

In religion.... we finished the chapter on Confirmation


Spelling- 3 times each ( I accidentally wrote sentences 1-6 on my blog they can do either one), spelling city, test Friday

Math- worksheet

Reading- read ten minutes


Pizza Lunch Wednesday
Fairy Tale party next Tuesday - if you need to get to work, please let me know and I can have your child read in the beginning
Tuesday- prayer service at 2:00 in the Upper Church - all welcome, we will be singing a song
Noon Dismissal on Wednesday (11/21)

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Good Afternoon!

Here's what we did today....

In reading....we continue to learn about the features of nonfiction.

In math....we learned about bar graphs.

In writing.....still fairy tales.

We also decorated and sent home invitations to the fairy tale publishing party.


Spelling- test tomrrow

Math- p 35

Reading - Read for 10 minutes

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

You're Invited

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It’s time to celebrate…OUR WRITING!!!

You’re Invited

The Second Grade Presents….Fairy Tales

When- Tuesday, November 20, 2018 at 8:30 am

Where- In Our Classroom

Please join us as we celebrate our fairy tales.  It has taken us a lot of time and effort, but we are finally ready to share our hard work with you!  Please join us as we share our very own fairy tales.

Refreshments to follow
Good Afternoon!!!!

Here's what we did today....

In reading....we continue to learn about the features of nonfiction texts.  Today we focused on the glossary and diagrams.  We looked new vocabulary words up in the glossary to define them.  Then we read all the information in a diagram and wrote about what we learned.

In writing....oh the fairy tales are really coming along!!!!!

In math...we worked more on pictographs today.  This is so hard and I could tell that many students struggled with the homework assignment.  This is also the homework for tonight.


Spelling - sentences 1-6, test Friday

Math- pictograph worksheet

Reading- read for 10 minutes

Monday, November 5, 2018


If your child brought home a "turkey" or an "I am thankful for" piece of writing....please return them to school on Wednesday.

They were supposed to leave both on their desks to be hung up on the board in the hallway.

Thank you!!!!
Good afternoon!

Here's what we did today....

In reading....we started a new unit of study- nonfiction.  Today we read the book "Ants" and started to discuss the different features on nonfiction books.  Specifically, we spoke about diagrams, captions and photographs.

In grammar....we learned about using verbs in the past tense and how to change the spelling to make the verb past tense.

In spelling....we had a pretest on the long "ee" and "ea" words

In math....we learned about pictographs ( the MOST important part of the pictograph is the KEY)

In religion....we started to talk about the church calendar

In writing....we wrote about what we are thankful for and why.

We also did a fun thanksgiving art project.

I look forward to seeing most parents tomorrow at conferences.


Spelling- write your words 3 times each.
Math- p 34
Reading- read for 10 minutes

No school for lower school students tomorrow

If you have not sent in the $5 for the fairy tale please do so on Wednesday

Thursday, November 1, 2018

We had a MAGICAL time at Disney on Ice today :)

Everyone was so well behaved - both on the bus and on the show.

Thank you so much for all the volunteer help!!!


We are going to 8:30 mass
Veteran's Day program
Noon Dismissal

Please send $5 for the fairy tale books

Reminder- Tuesday is no school for students, conferences