Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Good Evening!
(Sorry to be a little late)

We had a great day today- we were ever so busy!  In reading we read the decodable book "Meet the Firefighters" and answered comprehension questions.  We also read "Red Light Green Light Mama and M."  Both stories fit in nicely with our discussions about communities.  In grammar we reviewed action verbs and also discussed past tense verbs and the verbs "have and has."  We did a Scholastic News Magazine on the different traditions around the world for New Years Eve!  In math we talked about different ways to make a number (ie 12-2 and 5+5 both make 10)  In cursive we learned the letter "k." and yesterday we did "f."  Both of these are among the hardest letters- so expect one homework related to that next week.  I am trying to limit the homework assignments this week so as to provide some extra time to finish the First Penance book which is due Monday, January 8.  Lastly, we also went to computer lab where we worked on both spelling city and get epic!  We were very busy!


Spelling- sentences 1-5

Reading- "Meet the Firefighters"