Monday, January 8, 2018

Good Evening!

I truly apologize for the late post....(again :( )

We had such a great day today!  In math we learned how to regroup in subtraction (borrowing.)  It was such a big deal and the students are so happy to learn such a big thing!  In religion we started the chapter on the celebration of the Eucharist.  The students who are receiving First Penance met with the priests today to go over their prayers and the meaning of sin - everyone did great!  In grammar we learned about helping verbs.  We wrote about what we did on our snow days and we also went book shopping!  In social studies, we talked about the three different types of communities- rural, urban and suburban.


Math - page 75
Spelling  - write three times each- ( we are using the same list though I added three more words)
Cursive- letters "b" and "h"