Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Good Evening

We had a great, healthy day!

Thank you to all that sent in pictures of food today.

Tomorrow we will share our saint reports.  Students MAY but are NOT REQUIRED to dress as their saint.  We will do this in the morning.  Students should wear the costume over their uniform so that it can easily be removed for the remainder of the day.


Cursive - practice your name

* Some students are having trouble with the letters a, g, d, o... rather than going part of the way to the right then down to the left, they are doing full circles to the right....( I hope this makes sense)...please watch your child as he/she is writing in cursive so as to help me correct this.  I sat individually with every child today working on the names and tried to correct this but it will take some time, as they are still learning.

Thank you :)