Sunday, February 4, 2018

Happy Super Bowl Sunday :)
We had a great week last week for Catholic Schools week!  This week it's back to business as usual :)

A few notes/reminders

~ I am still collecting Lysol, Clorox wipes and tissues....thank you to those who have sent these in already!

~ We will be celebrating Valentine's Day on FRIDAY, February 16, 2018.  Valentine's Day falls on Ash Wednesday this year, so as an entire school, we have decided to celebrate on a different day.  Students are allowed to bring in valentines, so long as they have 1 for every child.  There are 18 students in the class.  Handing out the valentines is much easier if you do not address them individually on the envelopes (please.)  Thanks in advance for helping with that.

~ GIRL SCOUTS - meeting will be on February 16, 2018.

~  The Chapter 5 Math test will be on Thursday.  The review will be posted below and will be sent home tomorrow with students.  Please review with them as this has been a lengthy and challenging chapter.  We will review all week in class.

Math Chapter 5

1-    Mental Math – example: 
Subtract mentally.
Subtract 2 from:
67, 57, 37, 27

ans:  65, 55, 35, 25

2.  Estimate the difference.

  56                  60
- 21                -20
_______           _______

3. Double digit subtraction – with and without regrouping

4.  Re write the horizontal subtraction vertically then subtract.

5.  Subtract.  Add to check.

6.  Add/Subtract in a chain :  54-20+5=

7.  Regroup – example - 2 tens 8 ones =  1 ten and 18 ones

8.  Word problems.  Some with two steps and some with creating a table.

Example a:  There are 2 stickers on each sheet of stickers.  There are 4 sheets of stickers.  How many stickers are there.  (The cart will be there but they need to complete it.) 

Sheets of stickers

Sample b:

Matt has 19 hats.  He gives 4 away.  His father buys him 10 new hats.  How many hats does he have now?

9.  How to use a table to answer questions.  Please refer to Math lesson pages 227-228 for samples of these questions.  I will send it home tomorrow.