Friday, February 9, 2018

Good Evening

We had a great day today.  We started Chapter 6 in math which focuses on geometry.  In reading we reread "Out and About in City Hall" and we read the decodable book "A Stroll On Mule Street," which we will work on more next week.  We worked on our whale reports,  I will figure out the date for which to share the reports this weekend and will let you know on Monday.  When the students share the reports we will do it first thing in the morning in the cafeteria.  Unlike the fairy tales, the reports are read only to your own parents, not to the entire class.  In addition we will be adopting a killer whale :)   This has been a very rewarding activity in the past,  as the students can learn about the Orca pods that live off the coast of Washington, and also we get to follow updates on the whale we choose.  The students will vote on the whale they want - last year we adopted Oreo.  The money collected for classroom adoption goes to help conserve the whales and their habitat and is donated to The Whale Museum in Washington, as part of the education program.  The cost will be $4.50.  More information will go home Monday.

Lastly  - today we talked about the Olympics.  It's such a special time of year for the world.  Information will go home next week for a current events project.  Students will be asked to read - with the help of an adult - one news article about the Olympic Games.  They will have to write a short summary of the article.  Information will go home next week and the assignment will be due February 26.

Have a great weekend :)