Monday, February 26, 2018

Good Afternoon

We had a very busy day today!  In math we finished Chapter 6.  A review will be posted and sent home today for the test which is Thursday.  We will review this week as well as begin Chapter 7 which is on time and money.  In reading we looked up the new vocabulary word - camouflage, blend, pretenders, mimicry, surrounds and patterns.  We read the new story "Animal Camouflage."  We did some test prep - which we will do every day this week.  You will find it come home every day so that you can also review with your child.  Since we will do it together and I would like you to see it- you will not see it marked by me.  In grammar we worked on homophones
Chapter 6 Review

1.     Solid and plane figures- be able to identify them and draw them
2.   Line of symmetry
3.   Slides, Flips and Turns
4.   Congruent Shapes – shapes that are the exact same shape and size
5.   Vertex, Edge, Angle, Flat Surfaces
6.   Patterns
7.   Using a grid and ordered pairs (for example on a map – find the shape at point6,4)
** Please look in today’s red folder (2/26) because samples of almost all of this will be going home today – work that we did before vacation.**


Reading - "Animal camouflage"
Spelling - write words 3 times each, spelling city.  (I forgot to hand out spelling books they can do on paper or do it tomorrow )
Math - pages 75 and 76, Test Thursday