Thursday, March 22, 2018

Good Afternoon! 

We were so busy today!  We continued to work on telling time.  Today we worked on elapsed time.  This is difficult, and I would encourage students to practice at home.  We will have the test on time and money next Tuesday 3/27.  The review is below and will go home in the red folder today.  In grammar we started pronouns.  In religion we started to discuss the saints.  We continue to read the story, "How Guinea Fowl Got Her Spots."


Spelling - sentences 8-15, test tomorrow
Math - pages 91 and 92, test Tuesday
Reading - "How Guinea Fowl Got Her Spots"

Chapter 7 Review
Test is Tuesday 3/27/18

~combine coins to make amounts
~count coin/bill combinations
~determine if you have enough money to purchase an item
~find change
~show different coin combinations to make the same amount (multiple ways to make 63 cents for example)
~word problems

~tell time on a clock
~tell the amount of elapsed time
~estimate the amount of time it would take to do a specific task
~be familiar with the words “it’s a quarter to ____ “ or “it’s a quarter after ____” and
“____minutes before___”  and  ” _____minutes after ______”