Monday, April 9, 2018

Welcome back!!

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter and a restful vacation.  We were very busy today and got right back into the swing of things.  We wrote about our vacations with a focus on adding details to our writing.  In reading we read a new story and we looked up new vocabulary words.  We actually used dictionaries for two of the words ( instead of the glossary) and this was very exciting!  The vocabulary words are: unaware, protective, available, coloration, imitator and natural.  In math we started a new chapter on place value to the hundreds!  We started a new chapter in religion about the saints and Mary.  In science we did something especially exciting....we started a new unit on SPACE!  We will focus on space between now and our field trip next month.  We also did the capital letters K and U in cursive.  It was a very busy day :)


Spelling- write words three times each, spelling city

Math- p 98

*** Students who will be receiving First Communion, please hand books in by April 25.  Banners are due at your specific rehearsal.  If you finish the book before April 25, you may send it in.

Pizza lunch on Wednesday!

Girl Scout meeting on Friday from 2:45-4.  Please note....there will be a service dog at this meeting.  We are lucky enough to be getting a visit from my aunt - Ann Benson- who has been training service dogs for Canine Companions for 20 years.  She will be bringing her almost 1 year old golden retriever- Hannon.  She will show the girls the different things that the dog is trained to do and will teach them about the amazing impact the dogs have on the lives of those in wheelchairs.  The girls DO NOT have to touch the dog, but will be allowed to pet it if they wish.  Please let me know if there are any allergies or other concerns.  I know this will be a great experience!