Monday, April 30, 2018

Good afternoon

We had a great day!  In reading we read a new story, " The Empty Pot."  We reviewed, looked up and wrote sentences with the new vocabulary words.  In math we did word problems using money.  The problems had dollars and cents, so it went right along with the three digit addition we have been doing.  We did capital "t and f" in cursive.  In addition to all of this- we had a guest speaker today- Mr. Kelly, who is a graduate of our school! He told the school about how he just ran the Boston Marathon.  We will be doing a tag day in the future to help benefit an charity he works with.
Communion posters went home with those students who made communion this weekend.  Please return next week.  Congratulations to Serena!  I am sorry, I didn't know she also received communion this past weekend.  Please send in Clorox wipes and Lysol if you can.


Math- p 113
Spelling- 3 x each
Reading - "The Empty Pot"