Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Good Afternoon!
We had a great day.  In reading we worked on the story "Brave as a Mountain Lion."  In math we did three digit subtraction with regrouping.  We continued to work on our planet projects in science.  We reviewed dictionary skills in grammar.


Math- pages 117 and 118

Communion posters

We are not doing spelling words this week.  Due to the crowning, yesterday's surprise no homework day and the field trip we will skip the words this week and do them next week.

Trip will be Friday.  Bus leaves at 8:30, so please be on time.  I will send this note tomorrow but here are reminders...( please note the line about homework refers to tomorrow night's homework, which will not be due until Monday)

                                                                        May 17, 2018

Trip Reminders

~ Please wear your spring uniform with sneakers.
~ Please bring a brown bag lunch.  If your child wishes to bring a “draw string type “back pack – he or she may, as long as they know they may have to hold onto it all day.  Make sure your name is on everything.
~ Please do not send any glass bottles or glass containers.
~ Please do not bring electronics or toys.
~ You can send money for a souvenir, please put it in an envelope with your child’s name on it.
~ The bus is leaving school at 8:30 and will be leaving the museum at 1:30- we will be back for regular dismissal.
~ Please do not bring your book bag to school tomorrow
Finally, homework is due Monday J
Thank You!
Mrs. Potter