Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Good Afternoon!
We did a lot today!  In reading we talked about making text to text and text to self connections.  In math we worked on problem solving.  There will be a math test next Wednesday.  The page that went home today, as well as the page that went home yesterday both have samples of the types of word problems that will be on the test.  Pay particular attention to the ones that have the shapes with the numbers and say something like "What is the sum of the numbers in the purple circle."  We had the Lancer Cafe which I am told was wonderful and everyone was well mannered!  In science we read a magazine article about simple machines, forces and effort.  We did an experiment too!!  The results of the experiment were that it takes less force to use a lever when moving something than it does if you try to lift it up directly.

Communion Posters are due!


Math - p124 ( they do not have to do 123 however they can use it as practice for the test)
Spelling- sentences 7-12 all in cursive