Monday, September 10, 2018

Good Afternoon!!

We had another very successful day in second grade.  Today in writing we wrote about our weekends in our writing journals.  In reading we practiced new words and did a shared reading of the poem "Apples, Apples."  In grammar we discussed and worked on writing in complete sentences.  We practiced remembering to use a capital and an end mark.  In math we worked on related facts.  All that and we went to church too!!!
It was a great first full day!

Students do have homework today.  I try to post the homework every day after school on the blog in the event that someone forgets to bring home the homework notebook or is absent.


Spelling - Write each word 3 times

Math- page 1

Reading - Read for 10 minutes

Field trip forms are in red folders for Friday.  Please return ASAP.