Tuesday, September 11, 2018



It will be a regular school day.
Good Afternoon!

We had a wonderful day in second grade today!!! 

We were very busy in reading!!  We talked about all the people we know who are good readers and we discussed what makes them good readers.  We talked about all the habits good readers have.  These habits include - predicting, visualizing, inferring, using strategies for unknown words, making connections, reading with fluency and staying "In The Zone" or focused.  While the students may not be able to explain all of these strategies today - we will use all of them throughout the year.  We read two different versions of "Little Red Riding Hood."  We read the traditional one and a very silly version.  Then we compared the stories.  We also practiced reading with partners.  In grammar we continued to work on writing in complete sentences using a capital and an end mark.  Today in math we worked on two specific strategies for adding - counting up and using the number line.  In religion we learned about the Holy Family.  We talked about Jesus being God's greatest gift to us.  We also learned that Jesus was human and therefore, like us in many ways.  In science we learned about the seasons and parts of an apple tree.

Please check your child's folder for a very important change to our trip on Friday.  We will now meet AT the farm rather than take a school bus.


Spelling - write a sentence for the first 6 words ( in spelling notebook) ** There will be no spelling tests until after back to school night

Math - page 2

Reading - read for 10 minutes

Please send corrected amounts for the trip.