Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Good Evening!

We had a great day in second grade!

In reading we read our first decodable book - which I sent home today.  Students should read it as part of their homework then keep it at home.  We also started our comprehension notebooks where we answer comprehension questions about books we have read.  We continue to review the habits of good readers. In grammar we learned about "telling sentences." In math we worked on adding to 20  and using "make ten" as a strategy for adding.  We continue to work on the apple unit in science.  Today we wrote about the life cycle of an apple.

In regards to the cancelled trip.  I am sorry that I had to cancel it- I know many were disappointed.  I told the students today that instead we will have a super fun celebration of apples in the classroom.  We will make applesauce, taste test apples, learn about Johnny appleseed, do tally charts and graphs and tons of fun hands on learning.  In an effort to help me with this can you please -

1- let me know if your child cannot -for ANY reason - eat apples.  If there is an allergy I am unaware of please let me know.

2- please send in three apples each ( one red, one yellow, one green)

3- if you could send an extra apple or two that would also be very helpful but not necessary.


Spelling- sentences 7-12
Math -p 3
Reading - "Sand, Tan Hats and a Mat." ( Please read the book at home and keep it ay home.)

Thank You!!!