Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Good Afternoon

We had a wonderful day today!  In reading we started our first story from the new text book - "Because of You."  We also learned the vocabulary words that go with the story- care, kind, precious, feelings and share.  In addition, we started the chapter book, "Flat Stanley."  In grammar we worked on common nouns and proper nouns.  In math we worked on using addition to correct our subtraction. In religion we talked about how we can be like Jesus.  We also got some time on SpellingCity to work on our spelling words.

Test folders went home today.  There are two math papers in the folder.  I generally suggest saving these to help to study for the test.  Please empty the folder, sign and return.


Spelling - sentences 7-12, test Friday, spelling city
Math  - p9
Reading - Read for 10 minutes

Reminder Friday is a 12 dismissal