Thursday, September 27, 2018

Good Afternoon!

Here's what we did today.....

Reading:  We reviewed the vocabulary of the week, reread the story "Because of You,"  read the decodable book "Kate's Picnic" and answered comprehension questions....we also did reading groups and read Chapter 2 of "Flat Stanley"

Math - We reviewed fact families and we learned two different ways to find the missing addend in a number sentence (7+ ____ = 11)  One was is to subtract and the other is to "count on" from the number 7 (in this case)

Social Studies - We read a "Scholastic News" magazine and discussed the three types of communities - We didn't have time to answer the questions on the back.  Students were told they can choose to answer the questions tonight and I will give them a sticker for doing it- but it is not required

Grammar - We continued to learn about proper nouns.  We spoke specifically about places and holidays.


Spelling - write your words 2 times, test tomorrow, go on spelling city
Math - p10
Reading - "Kate's Picnic"