Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Good Evening!

Here's what we did today...

This morning we started word work centers!  We played phonics games today but I look forward to adding different activities to  the time block.

In reading....we reviewed the vocabulary words reread "Because of You", read a decodable book as a whole group, independently and with partners, answered comprehension questions and worked on comprehension strategies in small reading groups.

In grammar.....we worked on common and proper nouns and plural nouns.

In math....we reviewed for the test...we worked specifically on finding the missing number and finding and continuing patterns.  A hard copy of the test review went home today.  This was also posted to the blog last week.

In religion....we continue to work on the seven sacraments.


Spelling - sentences 7-12, test Friday, spelling city

Math- p13

Religion- baptism paper

Have a great night :)