Monday, November 5, 2018


If your child brought home a "turkey" or an "I am thankful for" piece of writing....please return them to school on Wednesday.

They were supposed to leave both on their desks to be hung up on the board in the hallway.

Thank you!!!!
Good afternoon!

Here's what we did today....

In reading....we started a new unit of study- nonfiction.  Today we read the book "Ants" and started to discuss the different features on nonfiction books.  Specifically, we spoke about diagrams, captions and photographs.

In grammar....we learned about using verbs in the past tense and how to change the spelling to make the verb past tense.

In spelling....we had a pretest on the long "ee" and "ea" words

In math....we learned about pictographs ( the MOST important part of the pictograph is the KEY)

In religion....we started to talk about the church calendar

In writing....we wrote about what we are thankful for and why.

We also did a fun thanksgiving art project.

I look forward to seeing most parents tomorrow at conferences.


Spelling- write your words 3 times each.
Math- p 34
Reading- read for 10 minutes

No school for lower school students tomorrow

If you have not sent in the $5 for the fairy tale please do so on Wednesday