Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Math Chapter 3 Review

Chapter 3 Review

1. Circle Charts. Students should know how to read it and answer simple
questions such as which color was the favorite/least favorite? How many
students chose blue? Which color got one more/less vote than purple?

2. Pictographs – The MOST IMPORTANT thing about the pictograph I have told
the students is to look at the key. If they are having trouble- before they
answer a question, they should do the math- get the totals for each section:

Favorite Pets

Dog O O O O ( 3+3+3+3 = 12 – they should write this right on the chart so they have
the totals to help answer the questions)

Cat O (3)
Fish O O (3+3=6)
Bird O O O ( 3+3+3=9)

KEY: Each O stands for 3 votes

They have to know how to answer questions such as –which was the most/least
popular? How many children chose dogs and birds? How many more children
chose birds than cats?

3. Range, Median and Mode – they need to know that when given a group of
numbers the first thing they do is put them in order from least to greatest, if a
number appears two or three times they must write it in the order that many

Example: Bill plays a game. His scores are 3, 7, 5, 9, 3.
The first thing they do put the numbers in order:


To get the range: largest number minus smallest 9-3=6 Range is 6

Mode is the number they see the most= 3
Median- the number in the middle = 5
To remind them I tell them MOde = MOst ( not the most value, what they see the most)


They also need to be able to get the mode and range using a line plot – same
thing range largest number minus smallest number and mode the number that

occurs the most.

4. How to use the data in a tally graph to create a bar graph.

5. Venn Diagrams. This is a chart with two overlapping circles. So they get see
a table that provides data – say Apples and Oranges. The table will provide

Snack Facts
Apples: Red, thin peel, fruit, grown on tree
Oranges :Grows on tree, orange, fruit, leathery rind
They need to use that chart to fill in the Venn Diagram.
The diagram is two overlapping circles. It will say Apples on the left circle
and Oranges on the right. To complete the diagram they write the apple only
characteristics left circle. The overlapping/common to both characteristics
in the middle where the circles overlap. Write the orange only

characteristics in the circle to the right.

Then be able to answer questions such as how many characteristics do they

share? How many characteristics are for apples only.
Good Evening!

Here's what we did today...

In reading...we read the nonfiction selection "If you find a Rock"  We reviewed the vocabulary words and we read to find information.  We also read the decodable book "A Good Deed at the Beach" and answered comprehension questions.

In grammar....we reviewed verbs in the past tense and learned about helping verbs

In math...we learned about line plots.  This is the one of the hardest concepts in the chapter.  Please remind students the MODE is not the number that IS the MOST but rather the number that comes up the MOST (has the most x )  It is confusing.  We also did Venn Diagrams- which we have done in reading before.  The chapter test will be on Wednesday, November 22.  I sent a detailed hard copy of the review home today.  I will post it on my blog, but please note, for some reason I cannot copy the Venn Diagram sit's best to have the hard copy too.

We finished our fairy tales!!!!!!!  We cannot wait to share with you :)


Spelling- sentences 7-12, spelling city, test Friday

Math- p 38

Reading- "A Good Deed at the Beach"