Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Good Afternoon!

We had a great day.  This week we are working on writing through the writing process.  The students are writing multiple paragraph narratives about their Memorial Day weekend.

Tomorrow is Ascension Thursday - 10:30 Mass, all are welcome

Friday is Outrageous Pets- pizza lunch will be provided, students may wear gym uniforms, please bring a drink


Grammar- ABC order- runner side of paper
Math- p 130

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Good Afternoon

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

There will be no spelling words this week.


Math - p 129
Grammar-abc order sheet (tree side only)

Ascension Thursday Mass 10:30 Thursday
Friday- pizza lunch and Outrageous Pets (please send a drink)

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Good Afternoon!

Lots to post about today....

Tomorrow is Field Day.....let's pray the rain clears out in the morning and the weather  is good during the day!
Please send your child to school with a bottle of water clearly labeled with his/her name.  All students should wear sunscreen.  Please be aware...there will be some games that involve water.  If you want to send you child with extra clothes (gym uniform) you may put them in the book bag and then if they get too wet they can change.  If you send a jacket or sweatshirt please make sure your child's name is clearly written on the item....we don't want to lose anything.
Pizza lunch will be served when we return to school.

Friday is a half day with no after care.  Dismissal at noon.

Friday is a tag day - $2- red white and blue

Monday - NO SCHOOL

Next Friday, we will have our Outrageous Pets day.  If you have not already, please send in the $15.  Pizza will be served.


Spelling - write sentences for words 9-15, no test this week
Math- p 128

Monday, May 20, 2019

Good Afternoon!

We had a great day today!
Some notes for this week....

There will be a math test tomorrow.  We reviewed today in class.  I didn't send a review sheet because all they need to know is:

Adding and subtracting three digit numbers with and without regrouping
Round to the nearest hundred
Word problems ( some with multiple steps)
Finding patterns in a string of numbers (+/- 1, 10, 100)

Other news for the week....

Field Day is Thursday - shirts went home in book bags today
Friday - half day, no after care
Friday- Tag Day - red, white and blue
Monday- No School, Memorial Day

There will be spelling words this week, but there will not be a test


Spelling - three times each
Math- test tomorrow

If you didn't send in your Communion poster/project please do so ASAP, it was due today

Please send in $15 for next Friday - pizza lunch and Outragehissss Pets

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Good Afternoon!!!

Tomorrow is the big day....and we are ready!!!!!  Students who are going home- pick up is at 11:45, in the front of the school.  Students should return to school without their book bags, dressed in communion outfits.  Students who are staying in school- please bring your entire communion outfit to school to change into after lunch.

May Crowning is at 2pm in the Upper Church.  Students should return to school at 1:30.

We are almost done with the math Chapter.  A test will be next week.  The class did a great job when having to regroup twice in addition, however regrouping (borrowing) twice in subtraction is harder.  They need to slow down and remember to do all the steps.  The common error is knowing they have to borrow but not changing the number they borrowed from.  For example:

- 296

They know that 2 cannot take away six.  They change the 2 to a twelve but forget to change the 1 to a zero.
They do the first step correctly and make that mistake the second time.  They know 0 cannot take away 9.  They change the 0 to a ten but forget to change the 5 to a 4.

This would be a good thing to practice at home :)


Spelling- choose 8 words from the spelling list and use them in sentences, in cursive
Test Friday

Math- p118

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

No Homework Today

Concert Tonight
7pm start
Students should start to arrive at 6:45 and come to the classroom

Monday, May 13, 2019

Good Afternoon!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and that all the moms enjoyed their day!
This is a VERY busy week for us.

Tomorrow is pizza lunch.
It is also the Spring Concert.
The concert is at 7pm  Please arrive after between 6:45-6:55 for a timely start.

There will be no homework tomorrow because of the concert.

Thursday is the May Crowning.  This is a very special day for the second graders.  They are the stars of the show :)
Students can go home at 11:45.  I will drop them off at the front entrance for pick up.  They return at 1:30.  If students are staying in school they must bring their entire First Communion outfit ( shoes, suit, tie etc)  They will change into their outfits after lunch.
The crowning starts at 2pm.  Students should not bring their book bags back to school.  The weather predictions are good.  When the crowning is over we will be able to stand on the steps and take a group picture.

Reminders for next week...

Communion Projects Due Monday, May 20
Field Day Thursday, May 23
Half Day Friday, May 24 - NO AFTERCARE
NO School Memorial Day May 27

Spelling- three times each, test Friday
Religion- Communion Project

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Good Afternoon


Spelling - sentences 9-15 in cursive, test Friday

Math- p 116

Religion- Communion Project due on May 20

Reminder - no school tomorrow

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Good Afternoon

We had a great day today.  We continue to practice for May Crowning.

Some reminders....

~Please return the text book forms.  They just need to be signed and returned.  It's very important that they be sent back to school.

~Please return May Crowning pages.  I am still waiting on a few.

~There is no school Thursday, May 9.

~My apologies about the math homework last night.  They can do page 115 tonight.

~There is a special presentation tonight on internet safety in the gym at 7:30 pm.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

~Next week - pizza lunch is Tuesday, May Crowning is Thursday.

~ Next Tuesday is the spring concert...please return the form that went home today. we know, it is allergy season.  We are blowing through ( pun intended :) ) tissues.....and a few other things.  If you could send in a box of tissues and/or some lysol wipes or spray it would be very much appreciated.

Thank you!!!!


Spelling- sentences 1-8 in cursive
Math - p 115

Monday, May 6, 2019


I forgot to hand out the math!!!  I am so sorry.


Also, there is a special presentation tomorrow night in the gym about internet safety.  It is being held by the prosecutor's office.  7 pm - all are welcome
Good Afternoon!

Today was a great day :)  We were very busy.  We started to prepare for May Crowning.  If you have not yet sent in the form about going home for lunch/to change, please do so as soon as possible.

Text book forms are in the red folders today.  Please sign and return these forms.  These forms need to be filled in for funds for books for next year.  It is very important that everyone send it back.. I will give a prize to all students who return it tomorrow!


Spelling- 3x each
Math - p115
Reading- read for ten minutes

Reminder:  No School Thursday, May 9

*Pizza lunch next week was moved to Tuesday, May 14
*Spring Concert Tuesday, May 14 7pm

Thursday, May 2, 2019


Spelling- test tomorrow

Math- p 114

Noon dismissal tomorrow.  If you are going to after care please bring lunch.

Please return the slips about May Crowning.